Here are some slides of the popular woods available for bow making.




ARARIBA It's a light honey brown with redish grain.


ASH Comes from Eastern U.S. and Canada. Light cream to light brown.


Black Limba

BLACK LIMBA Comes from West Africa. Pale yellow to light brown with a nice dark streaks.


Black Locust


BLACK LOCUST Pale yellow to light brown with a nice dark streaks.




BLOODWOOD Comes from South America. Also called Satine. Rich strawberry red, sometimes with golden yellow stripes. Hard and heavy. Weight: 60


BOCOTE Comes from Mexico and South America. Sometimes called Mexican Rose wood. Dark brown to yellow with dark grain patterns. Hard and fairly heavy, great riser wood. Weight: 50-60

Bolivian Rosewood

BOLIVIAN ROSEWOOD Comes from South America. Deep brown light and dark streaks. Very hard and heavy. Weight: 45-55


BUBINGA (African Rosewood) Comes from west Africa. Redish brown and sometimes has lines of dark purple. Hard and heavy, makes great riser wood. Weight: 58

Chakte kok

CHAKTE KOK Comes from Central America and the east coast of Mexico.

Varies from bright red to pink or violet with dark streaks.


CHECHEM    Comes from Central America, Mexico, and the Yucatan.

Red golden-brown and has lines of dark grain.


CHERRY   Comes from Eastern U.S. and Canada. Reddish brown with a golden luster.



COCOBOLO       Comes from Mexico. Dark red, rose to yellow-brown, with some purple or black.

 Very hard and tough on tools. Weight: 60-80

Gaboon Ebony

GABOON EBONY       Comes from Africa. Jet black but sometimes has light colored streaks.

Hard and heavy. Weight: 55-75

Goncalo Alves

GONCALO ALVES     Comes from Central Amercia. Light golden brown to reddish brown,

 has lines of dark grain. Weight: 55-80


HICKORY           Comes from U.S. and Canada. Cream white with streaks of brown or tan.    

Hard and heavy.


HOLLY       Comes from North America. It's a light yellowish cream, fairly hard and light weight.

Honey Locust

HONEY LOCUST            It's a light honey brown with slightly darker grain.                            

Fairly hard and light weight.



IMBUYA              It's a rich dark brown with dark grain pattern                                        .

Fairly light weight and hard .


JATOBA (Brazil Cherry)       Comes from South America. Russet to reddish brown           .

          Often with dark stripes and streaks.


JUNIPER     Comes from the western U.S. Light red, cream, and purple                                    .

Very similar in appearence to red cedar but is stronger and not as brittle.

Very pretty and a great performer layed-up in longbow laminations.


KATALOX          It's a deep dark brown with almost no grain visable. Hard and heavy.                


KCT          Light honey brown with redish grain.                                                                


KINGWOOD                Comes   from Brazil  .alsocalled violetwood or violete                                                                                                                         or    Violete                                          .

  Light to dark violet with darker stripes of purple.

         Hard and heavy, great riser wood. Weight: 75-80


KWILA             Redish brown and has little grain with dark and light speckels              .


LACEWOOD              Comes from Australia. Light pink to light reddish brown,             

speckled figure with dark flects.

Curly Maple

CURLY MAPLE           Comes from the U.S. and Canada. Very hard, heavy, and light colored.

                         Curly grain paterns. Makes great risers. Weight: 45

Rock Hard Maple

MAPLE, ROCK HARD              Comes from Northeast U.S. and Canada.                   

Cream white to reddish brown, has set the standard for limb laminations for years!

Weight: 45


MYRTLE              Comes from Pacific coast of the U.S.                                              

Pale brown to yellowish green, often variegated.



OSAGE  Comes from all over the Southern U.S. Has many local names such as "bodart," "bodark," "hedge," "hedge apple," "horse apple," "bois de arc", and probably others I've never heard of! Very hard and heavy wood that has been used forever in selfbows. Color varies from bright yellow to deep orange, tends to darken with age. Great riser wood and has it's followings for limb laminations.



PADUAK               Comes from West Africa. Bright orange-red, often with dark stripes.

Weight: 40-50

Purple Heart

PURPLE HEART     Also called Amaranth. It's purple! Comes from Mexico,              

Central, and South America. Very hard and heavy,

makes great risers. Weight: 60-65

Red Elm

RED ELM       Also called Slippery Elm, comes from Canada and the U.S.                           

 Reddish brown to dark brown. Very common limb lamination wood for good reasons!

 Hard and strong but realitivly light weight. Very pretty cut flat grain.


SASAFRASS     Comes from mid to eastern U.S. Light to medium brown                    

with darker brown grain pattern. Sure smells good!


SHEDUA         Comes from West Africa. Golden brown with black grain                            .

 Hard and heavy, it makes very nice risers. Weight: 50


TULIPWOOD       Light brown with light red to darker red grain. Very pretty!                       


WALNUT             Good ol' black walnut. Common throughout                                        the   eastern and southern  U.S.             

 Deep dark brown with some black grain patterns.Varies greatly in weight, hardness, and grain.

 Heavier pieces make beautiful risers but what is commonly overlooked is walnut makes great limb lams. Weight: 40-50


WENGE Comes from West Africa. Dark brown to black, coarse texture very hard and heavy.


YEW Comes from Pacific Northwest and England. It's a light honey brown with tight redish grain. Fairly light weight. Yew has been a standard in selfbows since the dawn of time. It has it's followings as a limb lamination wood.


ZEBRA Comes from west Africa. A fairly hard and heavy wood, makes good risers and limb lams. Very light, straw color with very dark stripes through it. Weight: 45-55


ZIRICOTE Comes from Mexico, Central and South America. Tobacco brown to reddish brown with irregular dark brown or blackish streaks and variegations. Weight: 50-60




1 Rosewood Burgandy 32 Evergreen Camo
4 Cocobolo Macassar 33 Desert Camo
5 Charcoal Silvertone 34 Sportsman Camo
6 Autumn Camo 37 Tropical Passion
8 American Oak 38 Fuschia
9 Bahama Cherrywood 39 Aqua
12 Indigo Royalwood 40 Camo
13 Turquise Gemwood 47 Hazelnut
17 Royal Jacaranda 49 Bubblegum
19 Crimson Ironwood 50 Dakota
20 Charcoal Ruby 52 Terracotta
21 Santos Zebra 53 Tapestry
25 Field & Stream A Ruby Wood
26 Tiger Wood B Sapphire Wood
27 Olympic C Emerald Wood
29 Spectrum D Apple Jack
30 Magnum E Tequila Sunrise
31 Camo Supreme F Sunrise



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