Traditional Bow Tuning seems to be a mystery to far to many shooters .I have found that all to many just don't realize that a trad bow can and should be tuned. The tuning of a trad bow is a very easy to do thing that will greatly improve it's accuracy and overall shooting performance.
    I have read over many different tuning guides and the best one that I have found comes from O.L Adcock , at Custom Traditional Bows.
    It covers "bare shaft tuning" ,"paper tuning" ,"arrow selection" ,"broadhead tuning" and much more.
    Although there are many other guides available, O.L's seems to be the best one place source for all tuning problems. It is easy reading with good diagrams and written with simple words that are understood by everyone.
    If you have never tuned your setup you are most likely not getting the most from your bow.
    Pete ward
    "welcome to my outdoor world"


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