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The tru-fire hurricane power strap release is one of the most comeforatable and smooth releases that I have used.The saddle cloth strap is soft to the touch and does not chafe the arm wether it is cinched tight or worn loose around the wrist. It has several features that I found made it a very good product for the novice and experienced archer alike. One such feature is the ability to adjust the trigger pull weight from very light to heavy with a quick turn of the alen key provided with it. This will definitely be usefull in obtaining that personal touch we all like.
The length adjustment is done without the use of tools by simply turning the caliper head in or out over a 1” range. This is particularly usefull when cold weather forces us to use heavy gloves which change our pull length.A quick turn of the head and the trigger finger is no longer stretching to find the comfort zone.
Another feature I liked was the normaly closed jaws which are opened with a pull of the trigger.this allows the hookup to the string to be done without that “click” heard on many other releases .The jaws locked in place every time by releasing the trigger.Last year I was unable to take a shot at a deer when my old release that had a pressure button inside the jaws was frozen and I could not get it to close on the string.This will not be a problem with the “hurricane”.
The head swivels easily to allow a torque free release, aligning itself with the hand and arm in a natural position, and swings out of the way to give your hand complete mobility for other tasks without the need to remove it.
I found this model easily and quickly adjusted to my personal preferences of feel, pull weight and length. Shooting with the “hurricane” was smooth and consistent .Each time it was put on the string it atached silently and securely.Drawing a single cam bow set at 76 pounds was comforatable and it did not cut into my wrist or palm something that other releases in the industry need work on.
The “hurricane” also uses a self-centering steel roller that slides along the inside of the jaws instead of sliding over them like many others.Both the jaws and trigger are Teflon coated which should give years of smooth trouble free shooting. The hurricane can be used right or left handed , a feature that is good for those family outings where equipment is shared. This is another time the easy length adjustment will be appreciated .
To say I liked the “hurricane is an understatement. It was a pleasure to, shoot and did not take any time to get familiar with it. The smoothness of the release was the most noticeable feature I found. Comfort was superb and it worked flawlessly.This is definitely a good product worth purchasing.
Pete Ward
“Welcome to my outdoor world”

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