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I have been using the Xenon locking folder for about 3 months now as a general use utility knife at work and at home. These knives come with a unique replicable razor sharp blade system that will be a welcome addition for those that have difficulty sharpening a knife. The model I have been using is the XENON.

This knife has been in my pocket continuously at work where I am employed as a Pipefitter.I have used it daily to cut ropes, plastic reinforced sheeting, open boxes and a just about any other cutting and scraping that has come up. Although it came with spare blades I have still not had the need to replace the original one. It is still razor sharp and has only been lightly touched up on a ceramic stick one time.

I am very particular about knife sharpness and will not use a dull knife. The sharpness of the blades out of the box is like a box cutter blade or a Broadhead blade. The replaceable blades are sandwiched in a stainless steel housing that exposes only the cutting edge, while providing reinforcing to the replaceable blade.

The blades are easily changed when they are dull by turning a small Knurled nut that is located close to the handle allowing the old blade to be quickly replaced. I have no reservations in recommending this knife to anyone that is in need of a good pocket Knife that holds an edge of extreme sharpness and does not need to be sharpened. If you are a person that has difficulty in getting a razors edge the XENON from TIGERSHARP is what you have been waiting for. Tigersharp also makes a wide variety of folding and fixed blade knives suited to many applications up to and including field dressing Big Game. All of these knives have their unique replaceable blade system.

I have not used this knife on game but I am certain it would be a great Knife for Small Game dressing. I feel that it is a bit on the small side for deer sized animals but it would certainly do the job if there were no bones to break or brisket to cut thru.

Pete Ward
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