The Archery Program

Ballistic Software for the Archery Industry

I have been using “THE ARCHERY PROGRAM “ for about 2 months and am quite pleased with its accuracy and flexibility. This is a great little program for the archer that wants to know what is equipment is doing and doesn’t have access to a chronograph. It is also very useful for anyone that is considering making a change to his arrows or field point/broadhead weights. With “THE ARCHERY PROGRAM” you can accurately calculate the speed and flight changes for any setup. With it you can easily see what happens with different draw weights arrow weights etc..I have been chronographing speeds on my bow during testing and then calculating the changes on the program and finding that it is very close to what I have been chronographing.

You will find that it lists almost every bow and arrow that is available to us. This makes for a simple entry to discover what your setup is capable of .It provides “common calculators”. “How far will it go,” “up hill down hill shooting” “trajectory graphs” “virtual targets” and my favorite “ballistic data”.

One of the best features is that “THE ARCHERY PROGRAM” is free to download and try out for 15 days. After this time has expired the program simply will not work unless you purchase it.

I recommend that anyone interested in archery download and try this simple to use program. After testing it I am sure that you will want to have it permanently installed on your computer.

Pete Ward
“Welcome to my outdoor world”.

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