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The tail wagger come alive decoy is a great little decoy that is easy to set up and performs well, even in winter conditions. Battery life was excellent; with one set lasting all fall for me. The tail wagging can quickly be selected by simply moving a small jumper that is easily accessible.

I began using the tail wagger after I had filled my Buck tag on an early season spot and stalk hunt, so you will not see any trophy photos this year with the Tail wagger. But this is not to say that I did not have bucks visit the tail wagger. They did and they were a lot bigger that the one I shot earlier in the season. On several occasions I had deer standing around the decoy and this included fawns and does as well as bucks.

As we all know deer are totally independent in their ways. After sitting on stand from dawn to 2PM I decided to go back to the truck for a coffee and to stretch my legs a bit. I was hunting with my longbow and when I returned to my blind I found 3 does milling around the tail wagger, and no way to get close enough for a shot. On another occasion I was on stand at dusk and a very large buck slowly made his way from across a ravine to the tail wagger. He cane to within 10 yards of it when I tried to get my camera for a shot, and spooked him.

This is a decoy that is easy to carry, I was able to put it in a small pack with the legs sticking out the top. Try that with a full size decoy. It is light weight and made from flexible foam that does not crack or break in cold weather.{I used it in -25c} The TAIL WAGGER can be set-up in seconds by using the stake that scopes out to get it above tall grasses or by using the tie straps.

I have no reservations in recommending the TAIL WAGGER as a good decoy that is easy to setup and adds a touch of reality with the intermittent tail wagging. Remember, The best decoys will not work if they are not seen by the deer. It is up to you to place them where they will be seen. These are visual aids that will keep the deer's attention while you make the shot. My experience with the TAIL WAGGER is that if it is seen the deer will come to investigate it. When using the Tail wagger or any decoy remember to consider the wind for yourself and the decoy when you set-up.

Pete Ward
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