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When I first picked up the Mountain Legend snow shoes, I could not believe light they were. They are made with light weight aluminium tubing which has excellent strength and durability. It has wide stitching to hold the platform to the frame. On the adjustable pivot system there are four large teeth for climbing ability and unbelievable traction.

The first day I was able to try them it was -30c with 2 ˝ to 3 feet of snow and I noticed how easy they were to put on. All you do, is put your feet in the binding, pull the two straps straight back and they are on your feet.

They have a tight fit with no shifting no matter how steep the hills are that you are climbing or descending. Next I noticed how easy they are to walk in. If you have tried snow shoes before, you know it is hard to not look like a big duck walking. Well, no more, you walk like you would walk down the street.

I was quite impressed when I sank only 12” in 3 feet of powder. With my pack and all my gear I weighed about 250 lbs. I was looking for moose and deer sheds while wearing the shoes. To find the horns you have to go where the animals go, so that means rock slopes, muskeg and willow flats. I mean, I beat the Devil out of these snow shoes walking across logs, over rocks and some very steep hills. I thought going through thick willow would be a problem but it was not. It was easy especially when logs are covered in snow, so your feet do not slip in between the logs. The teeth just bite in, you do not have to worry about breaking your legs when you slip off one.

I have put on over 30 miles on these snow shoes over nasty terrain and they still look like the first day I put them on. These shoes are very tough and durable no matter how much abuse you put them through. I would recommend these snow shoes to anyone who likes the out doors and aren’t afraid to go out in winter to get some exercise. For you cat hunters out there, you should not be with out the Mountain Legend snow shoes when chasing cougar in the mountains.

Reviewed By
Shannon Kuzik
Licensed Guide/Product Tester

Pete's Review"

My testing of the mountain ledgends was not as extensive as Shannons , however I found that these are a very easy snowshoe to use.The lotus Comefort Binding is simple and easy to use.It adjusts to fit diferent size boots in seconds ,from ladies size 4 tomen's size 15 and stays in place.I did not have any problems wearing the Mountain Ledgends in deep powder.If your experience with snowshoes takes you back to the ash framed and gut lacing,then the Mountain Ledgend is a whole new experience.They do not weigh nearly as much and are slimer,only 10"wide and 36" long.The bindings are flexible and easily lift the front as you walk.They make light work out of deep powder.A natural walk is all that is needed to stay on top of deep snow that would have you soaked to the waist without them.You will find that with the Mountain ledgend , you are not having to lift a heavy snow packed snowshoe that wears you down in short order.The Mountain Ledgend has a platform that will not pack with snow.The snow slides off as you walk.I will be wearing the mountain Ledgends next fall and winter during bow season In Alberta , at which time we will update this review with more of our findings.

These are definately a very good product and I recommend them to all outdoorsmen,and women that venture into the winter snow,

Sherpa snowshoes also come with a comprehensive warranty that will look after your investment for lifetime .Here is a copy of the warranty policy for their products.

“Sherpa Snowshoe Company warrants its snowshoes and bindings to be free from defects in materials and craftsmanship for the life of the snowshoes. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, nor does it cover snowshoes used for commercial or professional applications. Sherpa Snowshoe Company warrants the original owner of Sherpa snowshoes used in commercial applications for a period of one (1) year from the date of the original purchase.”

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