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Shel at Prostrings has made me a string set to test on my High Country Excalibur compound bow. The strings that were submitted for this review are made from D 75 material. The string set was made in a purple/white two color combination that is quite striking. The servings are very well made and tight. They are being subjected to the "hatchet" cams on this bow which is notorious for serving separations. So far the servings have stood up very well with no signs of slipping or separating. This is a good serving job that will hold up to these cams. The loops were tightly served on the string and the "y" ends of the cables, however the single loop end of the cable was not served. I feel that all loops should be served in order to make replacing a cable or string as simple and accurate as possible. Unserved loops can be installed with a strand missing the post so I would suggest that when ordering any string from any string maker that you specify "ALL LOOPS BE SERVED".

I have been shooting the string/cable set for a while now and have not had any more stretch than what is to be expected when breaking in a new setup. EVERY STRING WILL STRETCH A BIT WHEN FIRST INSTALLED. After a break-in period the string settles in to its new form and I have not experienced a need to retime the bow or to adjust the peep sight.

When I installed the new strings I also set up the bow for a different use, with a higher poundage and longer draw length than it had before when my wife shot it. If memory serves me correctly when the bow was set at 60# and a 28" draw length before it shot a 318 gr arrow at 282FPS.The original string that was on it then was of unknown material to me as it is the replacement string that was on this bow when I received it second hand. Now with the new D75 and the same settings I was able to record consistent chronograph readings of 301 to 303 FPS with the 318 grain arrow and 60# draw weight at 28" draw length. The bow is fast and Shel’s string set has made it reach it's potential. This is a definite improvement. Also the bow is very quiet with these strings, a must for all hunters. I did not find a need to install any silencers on the string , which rob a bow of performance.

Shel at "PROSTRINGS" has done a good job in building a custom string set for this review. They are quiet, fast and have excellent servings. If you have any questions on how Prostrings can be custom tailored to your bow Shel is more that happy to work with you and build a string set that will last and perform for you. Thank you Shel for a well made performance string set.


ProString will gladly refund or exchange any poduct within 30 days of sale - no problem!

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