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WE used the Natures essence washes, deodorants, cover sprays and scent eliminators this fall on numerous hunts for moose elk and deer in Alberta this fall. During the hunts We, my wife and I had several occasions to access the effectiveness of these products. On one moose hunt we were in the process offsetting up a ground blind when I noticed Pat was desperately trying to get my attention. Finally I looked up to find that a small Bull Moose had walked from downwind along our tracks to within 10 feet of me. As I was busy setting up the blind my Bow was a few feet away and at this distance reaching it and shooting was not going to happen without spooking him. This incident alone was proof to me that our scents did not reach him and that the products did work. It also taught me to pay more attention when setting up.

Pat used the system extensively this year, which was her first year bowhunting and had a lot of deer approach her to within 20 yards and less. As she was usually hunting in the thick pines she seldom had a clear shot even at these ranges, however she seemed to be undetected unless she moved to draw. Again the system was working.

The specific products we used were the BODY WASH liquid and bar soap, GROUND ZERO SCENT DESTROYER, GROUND ZERO TOTAL BODY DEODERANT, ESSENCE OF FALL COVER SCENT and NATURAL WASH CLOTHES WASH. The washes and cover scents were pleasant to use and provided a non objectionable scent which was appreciated. Some scents that I have used truly belong in the woods; this is not the case with NATURES ESSENCE.

I find it easy to recommend the products I used on this review as effective scent control measures. Whether they are used alone or with other scent products they are effective scent controls.

Pete Ward
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