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Size 18" x 18" x 16", Weight 20 pounds

        The McKenzie Carbon Block target is made from stacked sheets of very thin hi density foam. It is held together with coated steel wires on each corner that are adjustable  when the target becomes worn and starts to loosen. The model I have is the 18" x 18" light weight Carbon Block. It is like it's name suggests light to carry and set-up. The top handle easily has room for my hands to grasp it without having to struggle .

       Since receiving the Carbon Block target I have used it on many outings. It is quick to setup as there are no stakes or frames. Just place it on the ground and shoot. Two sides have a single black target on them while the other two have 4 spots for the more accomplished archers. On recent Spring bear hunting trips I took the block with me for my warm-up shots at camp and for target practice when I was not stalking or sitting in my tree stand. The target fits in the camper door which is a plus, as some targets do not. Since I have had the target the one thing that impresses me most about it is arrow removal. It does not matter what arrows I shoot or at what speed, they are stopped dead and easily removed. Light carbons at 300FPS and heavy wood from a longbow are all easily pulled. I have not had to use an arrow gripper on any arrows shot into this target. .

            The McKenzie Block has become a favorite of my wife’s also. Pat has a problem when it comes to pulling arrows from some targets. That problem often becomes my problem when I am called to help with stuck arrows. Now when we go to the range she uses the block as her main target . This gives us both more shooting time as the day is not occupied with pulling stuck arrows that tire the arms.
        We have shot two, three and 4 blade broadheads and three blade mechanicals into the block with little signs of wear. The corner tie down wires even took a few hits from broadheads and came out fine. Common sense will tell you that broadheads will eventually wear out a target. They cut when they enter and sooner or later the cuts connect and pieces have to come out. It does not matter what the material is, this will happen. It has to. If you plan to shoot a lot of broadheads I suggest that you alternate the spots that you shoot at. This will ensure the longest life you can expect. Even with field points it is always best use a different spot each time for the same reasons. This logic applies to any target that you use. If you concentrate all of your shots into the same spot your target will wear prematurely. This target has a total of ten spots marked on it so there is no reason not to use all of them and get the longest life possible form the Carbon Block.
        As usual McKenzie has produced another good target .The Carbon Block is easily transported in most trunks or back seats, has excellent stopping power and arrow removal is very easy, even for women and children. I liked having it at camp and now I keep it at the range for our personal target to use there. Arrow removal is so easy that I would rather shoot up my own target than to struggle to pull arrows from range targets. I expect to use it a lot and I see no reason for it not to last. .
        Finaly I want to remind you that the makers of McKenzie targets are also the producers of the finest taxidermy forms available for that trophy the Carbon Block prepared you for.Visit the Mckenzie Taxidermy pages when you look over all of the targets available from Mckenzie Sports.
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