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During my initial correspondence with Mckenzie Targets I requested a target that would be suitable for the everyday bow hunter to practice with and one that would be suitable to take to "Deer Camp" for practice and camp recreation. They came up with the "TUFF 24 DELUXE".This target fits the bill perfectly.

I have been testing the MCKENZIE "TUFF 24 DELUXE" archery target for the last month at the local range where I live. The target is 24" square and 8 1/2" thick, made from 3D target material. Each target has 2 conduit's embedded in the bottom for the steel rebar stakes to slide into, providing a secure stand in any soil that won't tip over. One side has 7 target spots while the other side has a relief of a deers neck and front quarter, with scoring rings.

During the test period we have setup this target and invited the members to shoot with whatever they wanted. Naturally out came the "BROADHEADS". We have been shooting with everything from recurves to hi speed compounds, chronographing at over 300 FPS. at ranges from10 yards to 40 yards. This target has stood up extremely well and is still none the worse for wear. Consistent broadhead penetration in the scoring rings did cut out a few small chips which is only to be expected.

As with any target made from 3D foam arrow removal requires a gripper or strong hands. Some arrow lube works wonders on carbon arrows here. Ivory soap rubbed on the first 6" is a readily available lube that works well.

I did not see any arrows come close to a pass-thru during all this testing. At the 10 yard range with carbons shot at 305 FPS the point would barely poke thru the far side. At 40 yards even the fastest setups penetrated only 5"-6".Due to the cutting nature of broadheads they were easier to remove than field points, however I did not experience any arrows that I could not remove with my bare hands.

To sum up this review I will say that this target is a practical target for the archer/bowhunter that wants a portable target for home and camp use. It easily stopped broadheads and field points at over 300 Fps., Is easy to setup, stable and small enough to be stored in any car's trunk. The relief side ads a second element which is sure to be a popular item at camp, and the large number of target spots on the flat side spread the shooting area around which will only add to the longevity of this target. At a later time I will update this review with more comments on how well it is standing up to the testing.On the down side I would like to see a cary handle added to future models. Finally I will highly recommend the MCKENZIE TUFF 24 DELUXE for broadhead or field point practice.

Pete Ward
“Welcome to my outdoor world”

This is an email I received from the range owner where I tested the "TUFF 24 DELUXE"

Hello Peter:
A few comments on your McKenzie 24D Target. "Excellent"
I found it to be portable, easy to set up. It handles both field points and broadheads very well. This target would be excellent for a hunting camp so the hunters can warm up before heading out. It would also be ideal for anyone who doesn't live near an archery range and has the property to set it up. Great product, I highly recommend!

Robert (Bob) Stewart
Bowmans Archery
Bon Accord, AB

xxxxxUPDATE DECEMBER 2002xxxxx
After using this target for the season I want to update the thoughts I have on the MacKenzie tuff 24D 24D.I left this target at Bowmans Range all sumer for the members to test their broadheads on.It was subjected to a lot of shots ranging from field points to broadheade of every size weight and speed.Some shooters were shooting well over 300fps, and using large cut fixed blade and mechanicals on Aluminum and carbon shafts.The target has stoped every one before it was able to pierce the back side.Arrow removal was easy with a gripper on the hi speed arrows.The integrity is still there although it does show some signs of being cut up from all those impacts.This is to be expected .

When I took my holidays this fall the Tuff 24D was part of my gear that acompanied me to camp.It was nice to have a target to warm up on at camp and to be able to shoot a broadhead into.The ability to test your broadhead flight at camp can not be downplayed.This target fits the bill perfectly here.After some misshaps that resulted in my bow being subjected to a few rough bangs and bumps it was reassuring to be able to check out the tuning and sighting before going out on the next hunt.There is nothing worse than not being sure that everything is still good after droping your bow.

I have tested this target for an extended period of time with all types of bows and arrows , ranging from the childrens bows in the 12# range to fast compounds shooting over 300fps.The number of shots into this target are substantial and it is still in very good shape.I see no reason why it will not last the bowhunter that buys one for many years.This is a durable target that is easily portable and will stop any arrow that you decide to shoot into it.Without reservation I recomend the TUFF 24D to every bowhunter.

Pete Ward
"welcome to my outdoor world"

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