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The Carbon Buck has stood the test of time. I left it at the range all year for the shooters to use. It has stoped broadheads, field points and even blunts. When fall came we used it for our broadhead tuning.Then Alberta winter set in and I decided to leave it out for a real test. During the winter months I still visited the range and did some shooting even when the weather was in the -30 range. Removing arrows at these temperatures is difficult.
For the past year it has been unprotected from the weather.As you can see in the photo taken today  it still is stoping arrows and it is in good shape.To date we have not had any pass-thru shots even with compounds shooting over 300FPS.

Pat and Carbon Buck with her Jack Kempf Kwik Stik

In looking back over the past years shooting I feel that this target has taken a lot of hard use and stood up very well. I recomend that you take a serious look at this target for your next purchase.It has served us well ands it will continue to do so for some time .


April 16 2005


This review is on the McKENZIE CARBON BUCK.I have been shooting the CARBON BUCK for over a month at my favourite range.[BOWMANS] in Bonaccord Alberta , where it is also being used as a demonstrator product.
The first thing you will notice is this 3D target does not have scoring rings. It has the vital area of a deer highlighted in red and white on one side and these areas are outlined on the other side of it. The main function of this feature is to provide the shooter with a realistic hunting target.
When shooting at the colour side the shooter becomes aware of the bone structure of a mature White tail, and you have a clear view of where the vitals and large bones are. This is a valuable teaching aid, as it will become second nature to aim at the best place to ensure a quick and efficient kill. The visual aid that seeing the best place to aim {red painted area} will make the novice and experienced bowhunter more aware of what lies under the skin of an animal. All too often we are incorrect when we aim at a deer and place the arrow too far to the rear or too far foreward resulting in a gut shot or we encounter the heavy bone mass of the front leg and shoulder.
The other side of the Carbon Buck is painted like any other 3D target with no visible target outline to the shooter. The bones and vitals are not seen at shooting ranges, however they are clearly outlined when you retrieve your arrows. This side is like a lesson check to test your ability to remember what you have learned from shooting the other side.
The CARBON BUCK is made from a new material {SUPERFLEX FOAM} that is much easier to remove your arrows from. It is a 3-piece target that easily slides together and it has a pipe in each leg to mount it on the steel rods that come with it. The center portion with the target area is replaceable as a separate purchase for when it eventually wears out.{Every target will wear out after it is shot enough times.}We have been shooting field points and broadheads at the CARBON BUCK for over a month now and it is still in near new condition.
Arrow removal from the CARBON BUCK is much easier than with conventional targets. Even high-speed carbons in the 300FPS range are easily removed. Aluminum and wood shafts are very easy to remove from the CARBON BUCK. When an arrow lube is used I can pull my carbons without the use of a puller. Without the use of a lubricant they initially are a bit hard to start, but as soon as they start moving they pull very easily. I found that by letting the arrow sit for a minute or two that they all pulled out very easily. This waiting time allows the foam material to relax and loosen its grip. It also gives you a chance to rest your arm before the next round, which aids in accuracy. When arrows are grouped tightly together I still had no problems removing my arrows. At times they were so close that I had to pull two at a time and they still were easy to remove.
The stopping power of the CARBON BUCK is second to none. I have yet to find the point of an arrow penetrating the opposite side. We have been shooting it at 20 to 35 yards at speeds of up to 305 FPS and it stops everything we shoot at it, even the broadheads. With all targets you will find that Broadheads are easier to pull than field points and the CARBON BUCK is no exception. Broadheads are easily removed with bare hands and the cut they make fills in instantly. Eventually as with any material the broadheads will cut out small pieces. This is unavoidable as a cut can not heal together like skin and flesh and when the cuts intersect a piece is naturally sliced out.
This is a fun target, and it belongs in any Bowhunting course. The anatomy lessons it provides will make us all better bowhunters. Novice bowhunters, and the experienced will benefit from this target.
I especially like the fact that I do not have to wear myself out removing arrows. With the CARBON BUCK you will not have to get someone to hold the target for you when removing arrows. It is always a one man {or woman} job. My wife Pat is able to pull carbons from it by herself, even when they were shot at high speeds. This saves me from extra trips down the range to pull her arrows for her and it allows Pat to be independent when she is shooting.
As with all McKENZIE TARGETS the CARBON BUCK is realistic in appearance and it is well made. I think it deserves top marks. Bowhunters and those that just want a realistic target will find the CARBON BUCK just what they have been asking for. I think it is definitely a very good target that will stand up to the punishment of being shot thousands of times. I hope to see all of McKENZIES targets made with this material in the future. At this time the CARBON BUCK Replaceable midsection will also fit Medium Aim-Rite or Tuff Buck targets.

Pete Ward
“Welcome to my outdoor world”


"Carbon Buck

Excellent teaching aid with one side for vitals, and the other side a natural. The McKenzie Carbon Buck with stands mutlipe shots from both field points and broadheads fixed blades and mechanicals. Arrow removal is easier then any other 3D target I have tried. Easy to transport and setup. Would be an excellent hunting camp target for those who like to practice and warm up the skills and muscles before a hunt."
Bob Stewart
Bowmans Archery

McKenzie “Carbon Buck”

Until last weekend, I had not taken out my bows for over seven months! I am a regular shooter, so this was very unusual for me. My job took me out of the country for an extended period and I just had to do without. I am back… and I am back at it. I had the opportunity to shoot a new 3D target this weekend. Pete Ward brought out a McKenzie “Carbon Buck” for the boys (and Pat, AKA Pink Arrow) to fling arrows at. I am accustomed to shooting 3D targets with standard scoring rings (12, 10, 8 points), so this new target from McKenzie was a pleasant departure from the typical targets. This target is not the same on both sides. One side is coloured like any deer, as you would expect and the other side has the front shoulder bone structure coloured white and the kill-zone area coloured in red. I liked the coloured side best because you know right away if you made a clean kill. Shooting at the target from thirty-five yards, I was able to determine that my arrow was or was not in the kill-zone. I was also pleased to find out that I did not have to stand sideways on the target to pull out my arrows. The new foam material in the insert is durable and makes arrow extraction easy. I like this target.
Good hunting.

Randy (Pappy) Inberg


When Pete first brought this Target to the range I was very impressed with the detail on it. I am a beginner bow hunter and the vital areas on this deer is a very good teaching tool as to shot placement. I was having difficulty with scoring rings on conventional targets as I haven't much experience with shooting 3-D.After shooting at the vitals for a few days I am now confident with my shot placement being in the right area. Arrows pull out of this target easily and I think it has been a bonus that Pete brought it to the range and allowed all of us the opportunity to shoot such a fine target.

Pat Ward


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