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Size 21" x 21" x 18", Weight 30 pounds

        We have been shooting the "BLOCK"   for a few months now and I have found that it is a good backyard target for the average bowhunter. The Block uses layers of foam that stop the arrows by friction, allowing them to slide between the layers .I have had it set up behind my chronograph and used it while, testing numerous set-up's before taking it to the range for the summer months .At the chrono I was shooting both traditional and compound bows with speeds ranging from 130 to over 300 FPS .It was positioned 3 feet behind the chrono and the center was taking every shot. I have not had one point stick out the back yet, even the carbons at 300Fps were stopped before penetrating the target completely.

Broadheads are also stopped rapidly and arrow removal is as easy as any target that I have tested . A child can remove an arrow that was shot into it at 300fps .I have been shooting various broadheads  into the Block and as yet it does not show any signs of excessive wear. I should comment now about the use of broadheads and target life. Every target that is used with broadheads has it's life shortened. It has to , as a broadhead "cuts" and sooner or later the cuts connect and a piece is removed. This statement will apply for every target made by every manufacturer.

Even when arrows are tightly stacked together I have no trouble with one hand removal. They slide out easily. The use of arrow lube or soaps to prevent the arrow from being fused in like we see on solid foam targets is not necessary. This does not happen, even with high speed carbon shafts. We have not had to use an arrow puller at any time to pull any shafts from the "Block".

I can recommend this target for home and camp use for the bowhunter that shoots any style of bow. If field points are the main tip used this target should last the average bowhunter several seasons of regular use , and allow him to tune his broadheads without worry of  wearing out his target prematurely. Remember that a tuned bow will shoot a broadhead to the same point of impact as a field point. With the "Block" there is no reason to wear out a target prematurely by cutting it up with broadheads. You have the means to fine tune your bow to shoot both. I can not see the point in having a bunch of dull broadheads ,when tuning is so easy if you have a good target like this. It will save on expensive broadheads and target life to use your block to tune your bow to shoot both accurately. Before a hunt there is no reason you can not check the broadhead flight , and then continue to practice with field points. By doing it this way you save on both target life and broadhead blades without having to hunt with unknown accuracy or waste time sharpening when you can be shooting.

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