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When I first saw the crazy chair my thoughts were that it was properly named.After a bit of laughter I set it up on the livingroom floor and sat in it, to my surprise it was comeforatable and instantly I noticed how well my back was suported.

There was something to this, and in turn my wife and granddaughter all tried it out.We discussed how it was the neetest little product that we had sen in a long time.The laughing had stoped and we began to discuss the possible places it would be good and who would be using it.The last part is still under discussion.

The next step was to test the Crazy Chair outside in the bush.It is light weight and easily folds up with a cary handle and also it can be rolled up and tied to the straps on the montana Guide pack , or put inside it.

We have used it on while scouting fields edges and in under trees where we expect to set up ground blinds this fall.Staying close to the ground can be a great advantage in ground blinds but having a cold wet backside is not pleasant at all. The Crazy chairs insulated and waterproof construction kept me warm and dry while allowing me to sit with back suport at ground level behind windfalls and against trees.

Shanon shooting from Crazy's LONG BACK CHAIR.

You can quickly and without getting up adjust the back to the level of suport that you want without having make any noise at all.If the mood strikes it lays flat and can be used as a body pad for a quick nap in the fresh air.We will continue to use the CRAZY CHAIR this summer on outings and plan to have it with us on our hunting trips, especially when the ground is cold and wet. The LONGBACK CRAZY CHAIR is a very good and usefull item that will be apreciated this fall.I highly recommend the CRAZY CHAIR # 1035 to all that spend time afield.

Pete Ward

The Hunting season was over when I received the CRAZY THERMABANDS to test but winter was well underway in Alberta.I am a pipefitter , and work outside at a refinery and this was a great place to test the THERMABANDS.AT -30 degreese it is hard to keep your hands warm and work with cold steel.Mittens are warm but you can't use your fingers and the glove that keeps your hands warm in these temperatures has not been invented yet.

I took a pair to work one particularly cold morning and by coffee time my hands had become numb.I decided to give the Thermabands a try, but I was skeptical about how they would work.The are a small pouch with a velcro band that goes around your wrist, with the chemicaly activated heat pad next to the inside of the wrist.

Within minutes the pads were hot and my fingers began to thaw.This was relief and a great comefort.As the day wore on I was expecting the pads to wear off and to my pleasure when they started to loose some of their heat , after a few hours I opened them up and fluffed the pouches in fresh air and they returned to the hot state again.As winter continued well into spring I wore the THERMABANDS on every cold day and I was able to use a single heat pack for a 10 hour day at work and when I returned home at night they still were warm.They are small and light weight.They are just like wearing a watch and are very comeforatable due to the soft material they are made from.

I will not be without a good suply of the hot pads to replentish my Crazybands with this fall while hunting and again next winter at work and on all of my outdoor activities.To sum it up they work better than expected and lst a lot longer than I ever thought they would.The Thermabands are definately recommended for all outdoor activities where cold hands are a concern. Thanks, for a great product and warm hands.

Pete Ward
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