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The first part of this review will be on the COBRA 5 PIN SIDEWINDER BOWSIGHT.

I am accustomed to using the best in bowsights and fiber optic brightness is nothing new to me, until now. When I opened the box the SIDEWINDER came in I was immediately impressed with its brightness. This is the brightest sight that I have ever seen. I thought it was battery operated and turned on during shipment. I was wrong, there are no batteries in this sight, it does however have over 2 feet of fiber optic on each pin. The ELT fiber optic is coiled on the side of the sight block in a clear housing that protects it from bumps and branches. The first evening that I used it I was able to shoot well after The other shooters had to quit because they could not see their pins.
The SIDEWINDER is made with all metal construction and the machining is precision. The sight block has a quick detach knob on the bottom that also has an Allen bolt in it for the times that your hands might not be able to remove it. The sight block also has a stop that mounts beside the sight bar, allowing you to remove the sight block and reinstall it in exactly the same position it was in. The pins are also machined from solid metal and they are individually adjustable in a single track. The whole gang can also be moved as a unit by loosening a single Allen bolt.
I have been using this sight for about a month now and it has been flawless. It easily adjusts for windage and elevation and stays in the set position. The brightness of the pins is incredible. I do not think that you will find a brighter sight than the SIDE WINDER. The brightness of this sight is going to be a big help in the prime shooting times this fall when standard pins are hard to see. It is easily seen when you are under the canopy of spruce and fir's at dusk. Normally we have to move to a location that is in the open at first and last light, but the SIDEWINDER is so bright that you will be able to stay under the canopy during these critical times. This is a sight that every bowhunter will want to have this fall.

After seeing the SIDEWINDER for the first time my hunting partner went home and listed his current sight for sale and ordered a new SIDEWINDER. The shop and range where I do most of my testing immediately ordered the SIDEWINDER for stock in his shop. The COBRA SIDEWINDER bow sight is highly recommended as a top of the class bow sight.

The sidewinder is also sold with a LIFETIME WARRANTY against defects in material and workmanship.


The day this sight arrived I had to open the box before Pete came home just to have a look at it. When I was unpacking the box all I could see were the pins shining through the packing material. Wow this is one bright sight. Pete finally gave in and let me try it out. I love the visibility of the pins, and the ease of adjustment. It seems like I spend most of my shooting time trying to sight in, but with this sight it only took me a short time. I would highly recommend this sight to anyone who has a hard time seeing pins at dusk and dawn like I do, or to anyone who just wants a top notch sight for their bow.

Pat Ward


The next part of this review is on the ARMSTRONG GLOVE RELEASE. Again Cobra has a winner. The glove is soft and comfortable. It broke in just one afternoon of shooting. This release is a must for the target shooter and hunter. The calliper is on a swing away arm that allows you to use your release hand without any interference. Whether you are nocing an arrow or removing one from a target it is out of the way.

While climbing it swings away automatically and allows you to climb without having your release get in the way. The head rotates 360 degreese so it is always in a torque free position. It can be quickly adjusted for length by loosening knurled lock nut.

The dual callipers are made form solid metal and securely lock into position .This is a very smooth release that fits me well. The glove is held in place by a Velcro backing and a Velcro over strap that allow it to be adjusted to fit your hand in seconds.

I have been shooting with this release for about a month now and it has never misfired of hung up on me. It has operated smoothly and reliably. The COBRA ARMSTRONG GLOVE RELEASE is a very good release that I will be using for a long time. It has now replaced my favourite release. I recommend the ARMSTRONG GLOVE RELEASE as a very good product for the experienced and novice bowhunter.

The ARMSTRONG GLOVE RELEASE is also sold with a LIFETIME WARRANTY against defects in material and workmanship.


"Welcome to my outdoor world".

****UPDATE FALL 2003****

The sidewinder sight and Armstrong glove release were with me on my anual moose hunt this year.To say they were good performers would be an understatement.The Pins on the sidewinder proved their brightness at dusk when I arrowed this velvet 14 point moose.I was immediately focused on the extremely bright pins against the black body of the bull at 40 yards.
The release also proved to be a valuable item to be using.Other than the normal smooth and acurate shot we can expect from a good release it proved itself in another way.
I walked up to soon on my moose jumping him from his death bed, and ended up tracking him to a point where I found him still alive and only 10 yards from me.I use a hip quiver , and did not have an arrow out when he raised his head from the chest high grass.Without any interference I was able to grab an arrow and send it into his skull, which was the only thing I could see.He stood up and again I loaded another arrow and sent it into the ribcage, exiting the far shoulder.Still not wanting to go down I reached back and grbed another arrow for this guy and sent it into his neck where it meets the head in hopes of breaking the neck and anchoring him where he was.It worked and he went down for the count.
The Cobra Armstrong release was always where it was needed, out of the way when getting arrows and nocing them ans instantly in position for the shot.It was a flawless test for the release under trying conditions and it proved to me to be a superb release.
During all of the confusion that was going on I never realy had time to think much about my gear.Only after the moose was down did I realize just how quickly I was able to locate the Pins from the sidewinder against the jet black body of the moose.Their brightness at near dark was a saving grace to say the least.These are definately two products that I can rely on during a hunt. Thank you Cobra for a couple of great products .


"Welcome to my outdoor world".

Copyright 2002 PETER WARD
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