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Since receiving the LORE STABALIZER and WHISKER BISCUIR RESTS I have been using them on several bows of quite different characteristics. I have tested the LORE STABALIZER and WHISKER BISCUIR RESTS on low poundage ladies Bows and on high performance short axle speed bows and many different combinations in between. On each bow that I set up the lore on it was definitely a very good silencing and vibration dampening stabilizer. It was tested on known noisy and vibrating bows, that I have used in the past, to evaluate its effectiveness and each time it performed admirabely. Sound suppression was definitely accomplished with every test setup I used it on and vibrations were dramaticaly reduced.When used on quiet smooth shooting bows their charateristics were further enhanced.

The streamlined looks are a nice touch to this well made light weight stabilizer. Wrenches are not needed to install or remove it as the body provides an ample grip and for those times it may need a little persuasion it has a hole near the base that a screwdriver can be inserted into and used as a lever to assist in its removal. The LORE is definitely a well made sound and vibration suppressing stabilizer that will help to smooth and silence any bow that it is installed on.

The second part of this review is on the WHISKER BISCUIT ARROW REST. This is a lightweight easy to setup rest that accurately guided arrows at speeds ranging from 230 to 290 fps. I set up the whisker Biscuits on several bows that I have on hand and each time the installation was quick and setup was very easy and fast.

It is no secret that the Whisker Biscuit rest can be hard on feathers and vanes, however for the shooter that does not do a lot of shooting,or who can fletch his own arrows, this rest will be a good investment.During the testing sessions I did not have any vanes torn or wrinkled badly after shooting several hundred shots with it. It even handled fluflu's ,acurately guiding the large feathers without damage to them. My wife is still shooting the same feathers that she started with this year and after many hundreds of shots they are showing some signs of wear on the edges but they are still in good shooting condition.Carolina does recommend that Bhonings urethane base vanes are the prefered vane to use with this rest.more information on this is available on Carolinas site.

It holds an arrow by completely surrounding it so falling off the rest is impossible, regardless of the bows position,even when an arrow falls off the string. This is a particularly good feature for hunters.

Loading an arrow is easy with the cut out in the ring,{quick shot kit} unlike some of the older models that required threading the arrow thru it. This rest will certainly be favored by hunters, especially those that stalk their quarry. The rest is very quiet on drawing and release, spooking game due to arrow rest noise will not be a problem with the whisker biscuit.

The LORE STABALIZER and the WHISKERBISCUIT REST are both quality made products that do what the manufacturer claims. I have no reservations recommending these products as good products that work well.

Below are pictures of the Lore and the whisker biscuit shooting FLU FLU’s @ 260fps with no damage and a broadhead group at 30 yards shot at 288fps.

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