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Testing Abe and Sons Elk Calls was a thrilling set of experiences to say the least. Early in September the weather was to nice for hunting but my holidays were booked and the rut was on. I had my first success while still hunting near Edson Alberta, I was walking old trails and bedding areas in the early afternoon and using the cow calls Abe had sent me. These calls are very easy to master and the sounds I was making drew the attention of a 6x6 bull elk. I had been using the Molestrus and Herd Talk set cow calls and had just moved from a good shooting position when the brush began to move off to my right .Mr. big was coming in and I was caught in the open. Each time he tilted his head back as he walked I saw the tips of the main beams reach past his rump. I can still see the long white tipped tines shining in the sunlight. I called again and he stopped broadside, with a good size clear hole in the willow fringe that was between us. Although he was presenting a slam dunk shot for a rifle shooter I had to much clutter at 20 yards to slip an arrow thru. This was a test of my bowhunters ethics. I know that I could have slipped an arrow over the close up willows, and I have relived the opportunity a thousand times since, but at the time I felt that I would probably hit something before the arrow got to the clear ground and the 6x6.I didn't shoot. It just wasn't a responsible shot to take. I am not sure where this self control came from but I am proud of myself for having it.

I let down and frantically tried to find a way to move to a clear shooting position without being seen. It wasn't possible, as the clutter that prevented a shot was also my cover now. He walked into a basin that was fringed with willows and a soft call again stopped him but all I could do was watch and look for a shooting hole to materialize. He was not going to stay like this for long and then he bolted. I gave a bugle from the Dominator Bull call and he put on the brakes , still within range but again behind the willow fringe. I don't think he realized I was a human but he knew something was wrong and bolted again this time for good. By now my nerves were shattered. I didn't take a shot at a huge bull and he was gone.

The next encounter I had was while sitting on the edge of a field where the Elk were feeding at night. This seemed like a good place to spend the evening as I was tired from walking all day. As dusk neared I would alternate bugling and cow calling. The woods were quiet with only a squirrel running thru the leaves behind me.[how can a squirrel be so noisy and a moose or elk walk thru the same territory without making a sound?}I heard a distant bugle and replied immediately. a few minutes passed and a bugle echoed again only closer this time. Each time I would respond and the replies became closer. He was coming in and so was darkness. Then the bugling was behind me and off to the north at the same time. I would reply and the answers were getting closer. Three bulls and darkness now were challenging me. Time was running out and then a bull came trotting across the field directly towards me. He screamed and chuckled, I did the same and in he came. It was heavy dusk now and although I could see my sight pins I could not count the points and to be a legal bull he had to have 3 on one side. The field sloped up hill away from me and with dark coming on fast I just couldn't see the rack well enough to shoot. That bull stayed in front of me for over half an hour at ranges varying from 25 to 40 yards. Each time he would start to leave I would call and he would stop and circle nearer, but he would not come any closer to the dark woods where I was sitting. The calls continued behind us and off the north all thru this time and perhaps that is what kept him at bay. He may have been reluctant to go into the darkness to meet an unseen foe.
Again I was beaten at close range. I have an excellent pair of binoculars that would have easily allowed me to confirm he was a shooter bull , but foolishly they were left in the camper. lesson learned! Take note, that the best optics in the world are useless when they are on the bed.
The hot weather we had this fall kept the animals inactive all fall except at night. I had several other close encounters while using Abe and Sons calls this year but each time I was either beaten by darkness or the bull was not a shooter.
Abe and Sons calls do work and they work well. I found them easy to use and the elk seemed to like them too. Something that I was very impressed with was the extra latexes that came with the calls. There is nothing more frustrating than to tear a latex and not have a replacement. This won't happen with Abe and Sons calls. The camo covers are a great addition as they also prevent the calls from making noises when being handled or accidentally bumped together. The lanyards and clip holders are also a nice touch as they keep the call at hand and rotated to the proper position for quick and easy use without having to turn them around for use. These calls are a very good investment for seasoned and beginning Elk hunters. They are easy to use, produce realistic sounds and in my experience with them they fool the Elk.

Pete Ward
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