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The Womens Big Horn Boots are made from supple leather on the bottom with GORE-TEX linings for water proofing and Cordura side inserts for breathability and comfort.The deep lug sole is more than adequate for conquering muddy slopes or creek bottoms.The soles are not so stiff that they mask the feel of what is underfoot, yet they provide ample support and protection.They also have a removable full cushion footbed which provides a very good cushion for your feet.

The model I chose to test, the " Womens BIG HORN 8" GTX" is insulated with 600 grams of THINSULATE Insulation.This provides comfort and protection from the cold.I have found that an Insulated boot in summer weather is better than a plain model as the insulation adds cushioning and helps absorb perspiration.With the Gore-Tex  and Cordura side panels the BIGHORN'S breath well and this helps to keep my feet dry.

The boots fit well out of the box and did not have to go through a long break-in process. The first day I received them, we still had snow on the ground, so I laced them up and went for my usual mid-day walk. I was impressed immediately, as they had felt a bit heavy to me, but on your feet you donít notice the weight at all.

 A few weeks later we had an archery shoot to go to which would involve walking through the woods and some wet swampy areas. This was still late spring although the temperatures were quite warm. I made it through the  shoot with dry, warm feet.

  We just returned from a 6 day elk hunt where the Wolverines were put through their biggest test yet. During our 6 days away we had 5 days of rain and cold. I must say I was very surprised with these boots, for the first time that I can remember my feet were warm! I have tried many different types of footwear over the years, from standard winter boots to felt lined Arctic boots and my feet have always been cold. Many a time it has ruined a hunting trip as I could not face going back out and freezing my feet off.

  During our 6 days in the woods we walked over every type of terrain possible, from open grassy areas to swampy marshes. I wore light-weight socks with my hunting pants tied over the tops of my boots. When we would get back to camp my pants would be soaked but my feet were bone dry. This made for a very enjoyable trip as there is nothing worse than the thought of going out for three or four hours at a time anticipating the idea of cold wet feet.

   In the above picture you can see some of  the conditions we faced while out hunting.This was taken on our way back to camp to dry off. The road I am walking on is pure "gumbo" mud, very slippery and provides little or no traction at all. The Wolverines did not miss a step and I was able to walk the same as if I was on dry pavement. It had been raining for about an hour at this point and we had covered about 2 miles through woods,marshes and grasslands. When we got back to camp,my feet were the only dry spots I had.

   I am so glad that Wolverine took the time to construct a hunting boot made for women, and I would highly recommend these boots to other female outdoor enthusiasts. Women have had to ďmake-doĒ for so long wearing menís boots adapted to their shoe size that it is about time a company stepped up and listened to the needs of a growing number of potential new customers. Thank you for a great boot and I look forward to wearing them for a long time.

Pat  Ward
"Welcome to our outdoor world"

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