Women’s Wolverine® Waterproof Mid-Cut Hiker


Sizes: M 5-10, 11; W 5-10                 

Color: Dark Grey/Navy

  • Waterproof nubuck leather/nylon upper
  • PK mesh lining
  • Removable full-cushion insole
  • Rubber outsole
  • Cement construction
  • Also available in tan


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Pats Review  "Julia" Womens Boots
Wolverine Ladies Boots
                                                    “Julia” Model
    The boots I chose to test for this years review are the Julia Model ladies hikers. I was very impressed with them as soon as I took them out of the box. They  are very lightweight, something I insist on in a boot as my legs get fatigued and I can’t walk for long distances with a heavy boot on my foot.
   This model is a non-insulated, water resistant, gortex lined boot, perfect for those wet spring days and early fall hunting when you are walking in wet grass and muddy roads. I put my new boots to their first major test at a 3-D shoot we attended this year. I must say they performed high above my expectations!! We were subjected to heavy rains for about two and a half hours of steady walking through fields and the edges of the woods. I was soaked through to the skin and had water running down my pant legs and wicking into my socks. In spite of this my feet felt warm and dry. Imagine my surprise when I took my boots off and discovered my feet were actually wet. I could not blame the wet feet on the boots, as other people had on rubber boots and their feet were not only wet, but cold as well. I was impressed that my feet felt dry and in a short time the boots were dry and ready to wear again the next day. This was the one time my feet were wet in these boots despite the many miles I have put on them. They have walked through mud and water and have remained dry.
    This model has a lugged sole on it which makes it perfect for walking on side hills and in slippery spots, although I would like to see a slightly more flexible sole for those very steep spots. I would also like to see these boots in a cammo type material for those of us that hunt as well as hike.

     I would highly recommend the Julia Model of Wolverine Boots to all ladies who are looking for a lightweight and very comfortable boot for all their outdoor activities.  

          Pat Ward