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Specifications for the MAMMOTH: {copied from wolverine}

- Non-Safety Toe
- Thinsulate™ Ultra Insulation
- Waterproof
Full-grain leather and 1000 denier Cordura®. GORE-TEX® waterproof membrane lining. 1200 Gram Thinsulate™ Ultra Insulation. Removable full cushion rubber midsole. Wolverine® dual-density polyurethane midsole. Rubber lug outsole. Goodyear® Welt construction

Gear Review.

The Mammoth boot is available in a medium width from sizes 7-12 (including half sizes) and 13, 14 (no half sizes from 12-14). In extra wide width, the Mammoth boot comes in sizes 7-12 (including half sizes) and 13 .Available with or without anElectrical Hazard Steel-Toe.

The Mammoth By wolverine is a very warm  sure footed  winter  boot without question. After yesterdays Rabbit hunt I have determined it is time to write this review. I spent about 7 hours in the bush yesterday hunting Rabbits and Coyotes. It was a beautiful winter day and the ground was covered with about 6 to 8 inches of snow. This makes for hard walking in any boot because there is always snow to plod thru and slipping on icy slopes and patches is always a hazard.
Looking back at yesterday and the other days I wore the Mammoth’s I can not recall any time where I was unsure of my footing or any time that I had even a hint of cold feet. One deer hunt I was on had the thermometer dip to -33C.Thats cold in any measurement. On that hunt I was out all day long and spent several hours sitting in wait. I did not go overboard on socks , and only wore 1 pair of  heavy wool socks. I did have my felt lined Pack boots and extra socks in the truck just incase the Mammoth did not live up to its claim to being warm.
I was not about to freeze just because I was doing a review.!! {The pack boots stayed in the truck.}

Since that day out at -35 I have put the pack boots away. They are very warm but walking in them is a chore. The Mammoth has very good support ,and traction and it is light weight. I hate having my feet slide around in a boot like they do in the felt lined Pack boots. There is no need to sacrifice a good fit and comefort  to stay warm. The Mammoth lives up to the Wolverine promise  in every way. Comfort , traction and warmth are all excellent.
The boots I wore for the review were extra wide. I think that due to the need for heavy socks most of us are better off with a wide fit to allow for the bulk . I want a looser  fit in the winter to allow for better circulation .Warmer  weather boots like the  Wolverine Bighorn can be a tighter fit. The Mammoth is built for the cold. -35 proved that to me. The 1200 grams of Thinsulate and the Gore-Tex and Cordura panels allow the sweat to escape , keeping the feet dry and warm , even after I broke  thru some ice into water. These boots do have a leather bottom and leather does need upkeep. A periodic application of Snow Seal is all that it takes to protect the leather  and keep it soft and flexible.{This is true for any leather Boot.}
I can confidently say that the Mammoth by Wolverine is VERY  GOOD .I have not to date worn a better winter boot. They are very warm, have great traction, go on and off easy,no hard pulling is needed and they lace up quickly with the ample speed hooks. This is a factor with many boots that make us force our feet into them. Socks get pulled tight  making for cold feet and make lumps we can not get rid of. The Mammoth does not create these problems like other boots do.
I highly recommend the Wolverine Mammoth winter boots.

Pete Ward

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