"W04986 - 12-Point Wolverine® Scent-Lok® Waterproof 8" Sport Boot "


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- Waterproof

-sizes 7-12, 13, 14 Medium and 7-12, 13 Extrawide


Full-grain pigskin leather with 1000-denier nylon upper. Seam sealed cement construction. Scent-Lok® fabric lining. 200 gram Thinsulate™ Insulation. Removable full-cushion footbed. Hidden EVA midsole. Fiberglass shank.


The 12 point is a boot that will take you thru to the cold season with dry feet that are not tired and sore. With comfort and warmth. I have been wearing them since early spring in wet and muddy conditions on scouting and 3D outings. The light weight and sure footed traction of these boots is a valued thing on long hikes and steep hills. The soles are aggressive enough to tackle almost any conditions a normal man will encounter, yet they do not clog up with heavy mud like so many other designs .Normal walking quickly clears the soles of that extra weight.

I have worn them in water and swamps without getting my feet wet  ,other than by going over the tops. This is when I found out that the 12 point holds water in as well as it holds it out.

Break-in with these light weight boots is not an issue. I was able to lace them up and go without any foot discomfort. The 200 gram insulation does not over heat your feet on warm days but it is just enough for the cool spring days and freezing water I was testing them in. The padding from the light insulation  is also a contributing factor to the comfort .

Often a good walking boot is not flexible enough for a hunters needs .We frequently are bending and kneeling, making a relatively flexible sole quite desirable .The 12 has this and still offers protection from rocky and uneven ground. The 12 point is not a "Town" boot  , it's made for the woods and the hunter that likes to go light and quietly thru the bush. Feeling what is underfoot is important to me and the 12 points are just about right for this. Branches and things we step on that make noise during a stalk can be felt before you put full weight on them .The soles are soft enough to allow quiet steps on otherwise crunchy gravel.

The longest period I wore the boots outdoors is 14 hours .My feet were still not sore or tired after all day walks on mixed terrain. The wolverine 12 point is a very good spring and early fall boot that will do it's job up to the first real cold spell in late fall .The  comfortable  foot beds can be removed to allow for complete and fast drying after your day in the field. This is particularly good when you under estimate the depth of the water or if your feet sweat heavily.

For those that are Scent-lock users, the 12 point will complete you suit for the full coverage you are looking for. I am looking foreword to the fall elk season and the miles that my wolverines will take me. It is nice to go out knowing you have the right boots for the day's journey.


Pete Ward

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