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I have been wearing my wolverine BIG HORN boots for over a month now and I am very pleased with the comfort and performance they have provided.They are lightweight and very comfortable.Break in was non-existent, they fit well right out of the box and not one time did I have sore or tired feet.

They are made from supple leather on the bottom with GORE-TEX side inserts for breathability and comfort.The deep lug sole is more than adequate for conquering muddy slopes or creek bottoms.The soles are not so stiff that they mask the feel of what is underfoot, yet they provide ample support and protection.They also have a removable full cushion footbed which provides a very good cushion for your feet.

The model I chose to test, the "BIG HORN 8" GTX" is insulated with 600 grams of THINSULATE Insulation.This provides comfort and protection from the cold.I have found that an Insulated boot in summer weather is better than a plain model as the insulation adds cushioning and helps absorb perspiration.With the Gore-Tex side panels the BIGHORN'S breath well and this helps to keep my feet dry.

During a recent visit to New Brunswick I wore the BIG HORNS daily while fishing and hiking in the countryside.As they are a leather construction boot I decided to test them for water resistance, and waded to the top in the lake where I was staying.They kept me warm and dry without any of the cold spring lake water entering through the material or seams.

These are a good hunting/ sport boot that will take you though wet and muddy trails with ease.I am confident that they will also be a good boot in snow and ice when winter arrives here again.

I did have one complaint with the BIG HORNS, and that is with the lacing eyelets.Midway there is a locking eyelet that allows you to tighten the bottom independently from the top. Although this feature has its merits by keeping the lower boot tight and allowing the tops to be tied a bit looser I found the eyelets to be to tight on the laces and difficult to lock down.Unlocking them was also hard to do.This is a minor inconvenience that was easily solved with a bit of 220 grit sandpaper and about two minutes work.By reducing the nylon inner piece they now lock quickly and unlock equally as well.Perhaps this would have worn in by itself, but I did not have the patience to wait.I do not think that this is a big problem and it is not anything to worry about, but I did feel it was worth mentioning here.

I have no other concerns with the quality of these boots or with the comfort they provide.I enjoy walking and hiking in them and would not hesitate to recommend them as a good investment for your feet.With reasonable care they should last several seasons and take me to many of my favorite haunts each year.

Pete Ward
“Welcome to my outdoor world”


My Wolvereen's had an oportunity to realy prove themselves a couple of weeks ago when I was lucky enough to arrow a nice Velvet antlered 14 point moose.

As you may know after a moose hits the ground the fun is over and the work begins.This was no exception.

I had made a quiet stalk on the moose until I was within Bowrange.The boots were surefooted and quiet, which I fully expected.But when the work realy began I never even had a thought about my footing or my feet.The work just progressed and with each trip back to the truck I caried another load of moosemeat on my back.Eack load weighed over a hundred pounds and the majority of the trips were at night over fallen logs,stumps, holes and a host of other obsticles.

During the whole process whick took from dusk untill 3AM , then from 7AM to 9AM I packed moose meat untill I felt like a moose, but my feet never failed me.If you have ever lost footing with a quarter of moose on your back at night you will realy apreciate having a good boot that is sure footed and ankle suporting.These pack trips put a boot to the maximum test and the WOLVEREENS came thru with flying colors.


Thank You Wolvereen for the wonderful boots.The BIG HORN'S were a joy to wear during a hard nights work.

Pete Ward
“Welcome to my outdoor world”

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