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We have been using the Free Flight releases for a couple of months now and are quite impressed with what we have found. The model's we tested are the C10 AND C12.The C10 is a glove type release that will allow the hunter or target shooter to pull a heavier poundage bow than they could with a conventional type wrist strap release. I first noticed this on when I drew back my bow that was set at 76 pounds. Normally this bow feels like you are pulling this weight, but since it was the first time using it this year I thought I must have lost some poundage over the winter. Putting it on the scale I found that it was still at 76 pounds. I was quite pleased to discover that the C 10 would allow me to pull this weight with less effort than I was accustomed to. I confirmed this by putting on my old wrist strap release and the difference was immediately noticeable.

The extra power comes from the fact that you are pulling with your hand and not your wrist. When Pat, my wife tried the C10 she instantly thought that I had turned down her bow to lower poundage. Her maximum weight to draw was 45 pounds; however with the WINN FREE FLIGHT C10 she was able to draw 53pounds.This is a big help to someone that is shooting at the lower end of a hunting bow. The extra speed and Kinetic energy will be appreciated this fall during deer season.

The C12 "relax to shoot" is identical to the C10 except that with this release you relax the trigger to shoot and squeeze the trigger to draw the bow. This was a bit different for me to use but like the C10 it was easy to draw and very accurate. Although this style of release is not for me it performed well and is recommended for the finger shooter that is making the transition to release shooting, and finds the conventional squeeze to shoot releases unnatural. The C12 will be a welcome addition for the finger shooters that are making the change. Some of the features that make these a very good release are the all hardened steel parts; there are no aluminum parts on these releases. The glove is made from 8 oz leather; with camo covering that will last for years and is replaceable. The trigger is adjustable for your preferred pull and travel and the release does not add to your draw length. All FREEFLIGHT releases are available in sizes ranging from youth to X large in right and left hand models.

Due to the sturdy leather that the glove is made from it will take a short breakin period for the maximum comfort to be felt. This is not a concern as we found the breakin to be quite fast.

As a hunting release I feel it is one of the best, if not the best release out there. The fact that the mechanism has no springs to freeze up or break is a definite plus. Also the release head is always in position, ready for a quick hookup without having to rotate a trigger before attaching them to your string. On the down side these releases are a bit bothersome on the target range when pulling lots of arrows due to the head being in the way. This is not a concern when hunting as you will not be pulling an arrow and needing to be ready for another shot. Field dressing will be the next thing to do after shooting.

The following paragraph is from my wife,Pat.These are her coments about the Winn C 10 release.

When Pete first gave me this release to try I was really not all that impressed. It felt stiff and awkward,but after using it for a few days I wouldn't trade it for anything! like the glove as I could never find a strap release type that fit on my wrists properly, as I have very tiny wrists and hands. The first time I used the release I thought Peter had turned the weight down on my bow as it just seemed to easy to pull. After assuring me he hadn't, I found I could about 5#s more with the release!This is as a result of pulling with the whole hand and not just the wrist as is the case with other releases I have tried. I highly recommend this release to others who are having problems finding a release that fits properly.

Pat Ward

The WINN ARCHERY FREE FLIGHT RELEASES are definitely recommended as top of the line hunting releases.


Pete Ward
“Welcome to my outdoor world”

I have been using the WINN ARCHERY Leather Bow Grip and sling since receiving the sample earlier this winter. The sling is made from nylon webbing that is attached to the bow with the leather grip cover that is laced around the front of the grip. The sling has a quick detaching buckle and is easily adjusted to provide the security that we want. I found it to be very comfortable to use and when winter sets in you will like the easy adjustment for fitting over heavy gloves if you wear them.

One thing I really liked is when it was cold out, the suede kept my hands warm and I still had traction. I do not like wearing gloves when I shoot, so I will welcome Winn Bow sling on my bow for hunting season this fall.

Shannon Kuzic

Product Tester

Pete Ward
“Welcome to my outdoor world”

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