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From Down under I received a set of the TUSKER BROADHEADS to review along with a couple of Bowhunting  Australia video's from Tusker Productions, "Boars and Barramundi" and "Backpack Hunting for Hogs". I will not try to be a movie critic here. I am not but I am an outdoor and bowhunting enthusiast that enjoys a good hunting show. A good show is exactly what John Teitzel has produced in both of these video's.


These are real hunting video's from the outback of Australia , shot with a lot of footage of Ferrell boars that are a plague to Australian native wildlife. You will not see a video shot with a million dollar budget and state of the art equipment here . The footage is well edited from start to finish, wind noises are present and it is obvious that these video's are made from Johns outback excursions .This is real hunting in the Australian outback  without the props we are used to here in North America. You won't find five hundred dollar camo suits and scent suppressing everythings. Bare feet and shorts are the order of the day here.                             




I got a very real sense of being there with the Tusker crew. Staging and rehearsing is not evident at any time. Especially when one of the guys is treed by a wounded boar, with his bow left on the ground during his flight for life. There are no baited shots, every boar is taken by stalking to within shooting distances. Sometimes the shot is so close I wonder where these guys get their nerve from.


As for a sense of danger, I find the scenes of sneaking up on a croc, or fishing from the bank of croc holding waters provide it. If that is not enough stalking to within spitting distance before shooting will.Also the scenes where the hunters stalk thru water and marsh to get within shooting distance are nerve-racking to say the least. There has to be something in that water that would eat you or bite you but these guys don't seem to give it a thought.             


All of the hunters are shooting traditional bows ,so you know the shots are close. Life around camp on these videos is as basic as it gets. Meals are caught fresh and enjoyed over open camp fires. The fishing scenes are great with some nice tucker being provided daily. Camp is made where the canoe lands for the night with just the basics of necessities. This is roughing it at it's best.

You won't be overwhelmed by advertising of equipment. The endorsements are brief and just long enough to get the point across without taking away from the hunting.

I was surprised at the fact that the pigs were not eaten but after discussions with John and several other Australian friends I found out that these boars are not good "Tucker" as the Ausies say. They are prone to some nasty diseases that make eating them unwise.

For more photos and reviews along with video clips visit the Bowhunting Australia website where you can order these grest Bowhunting video's on line.While you are there look over the Tusker Broadheads.I have been shooting them since doing my review on them and I highly recommend them for any hunting setup.These video's and Tusker Broadheads are now available in North America from Herb Haines at

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