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Tammy Jo Palmer has made up a couple of her Flemish twist strings for me to use in this review. The order I sent her was a bit of a test in itself. The first string I asked for was a dynaflight97 in a custom color combination for my Firehawk longbow. The order was straight foreword and not too much of a challenge as the length and strands were specified. The second string was to be a test of her ability to help out a complete novice, someone that knew nothing about what he needed. All that I told Tammy Jo was that the string was to be made for a 64" / 48# at 30" old Bear Polar longbow and the color was to be red and black. I felt that this is all the information that she would receive from someone that had found a bow in the attic and needed a string.

Within a week the strings were thru customs and at the local post office waiting to be picked up.{Great service!}They were both exactly what was needed. The string length's were correct and the color choices were what was asked for, matching the bows perfectly. Both strings were well waxed with very tight and even center servings. The loops were smooth and even with a neet job of braiding in the tag ends.

The Firehawk was the first bow to be strung with TAMMY JO's string. After setting the brace height I did some shooting with it and it quickly settled in to its stretched length. Performance was equal to the original string that came with the bow and it has not shown any signs of failure or wear to date. The serving is still very tight and well done.

The Bear was next to receive a new string and in this case it brought a bit of new life to the old Bear. This bow was in need of a new string that was well made and as a result it gave the bow a few feet per second boost. Again it settled into a stretched length quickly and has shown no signs of failure or wear in the serving or the loops.

I did find one criticism with Tammy Jo's strings that she has since addressed. The loops while well made were a bit tight on the upper limb when they are moved off the noc in an unstrung position. Tammy has made note of this and future strings will have the standard large loop for use when the bows are unstrung.("unless smaller loops are requested".)

A quick visit to Tammy Jo's website will provide all the information that you need to order a custom Flemish Bowstring in the material and color combination that you want. If you are still unsure Tammy Jo will personally help you make the proper choices.

In closing I feel that "TAMMY JO’s" Custom Flemish Bowstrings are well made with good integrity. They are standing up well and anyone needing a new or spare string will be very satisfied with these strings. Tammy Jo is also making strings for Hoyt USA, which is a testament in itself for her quality and workmanship.

Pete Ward
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