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The smallest watertight compact binocular! Their minimal size means they will fit comfortably into any jacket pocket. No fewer than 16 lenses for an unexpectedly large field of view and brilliant, contrast-rich images – with a weight of less than 215 g (8 oz.).

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To say the Swarovski pocket binocular is superb is an understatement. I have always liked the Idea of a small binocular that did not weigh me down. The drawback to this is usually poor quality and the need for lots of light. Light is a major issue because, as you know, animals like to come out at dusk. Cheap and low end binoculars fail to be of any use at these times.

I actually expected this to be true with the Swarovski 8X20 pocket binoculars as well. Past experience with many other brands of binoculars has taught me that a small lens will not work well at dusk. I was wrong. The 8x20 Swarovski was very good at dusk. I could easily use them up to and beyond legal shooting time. I am not saying that they have the superior capability of the Swarovski EL's, but I am saying that they are very functional at dusk. Weighing less than 8 ounces and fitting into a shirt pocket, they are a delight to hunt with.


They have screw-in eye cups similar to the EL 8.5 X 42 Swarovski’s I reviewed two years ago. Like the EL's, there is no trouble getting a full field of view with these glasses. This is often impossible with other small pocket binoculars. Focusing in cold weather is also troublesome with many binoculars, large and small. I hate trying to focus a frozen binocular. The 8 x 20's were as easy to adjust at –35ºC as they were to adjust at +16ºC.


Large, full size binoculars have their place. They do have superior light-gathering properties, but with that comes weight and bulk. Often we are only in need of a small package that will allow us to see a deer and determine if it is a “shooter”. We do not always want to pack the extra weight of full size binoculars. For myself, most times I want to go out with as little weight as possible, but I still need to have the ability to count points. I bow hunt exclusively now, so the ability to have good binoculars that are out of the string's way is a necessity. String interference can cause a lot of problems we don't need to deal with. The pocket 8 x 20 is thin and does not cause bulk under your jacket, catching on the bowstring, like full size binoculars do.


Two years ago I left/forgot my big binoculars in the camper, only to watch a nice bull elk parade in front of me from dusk till dark. I was sure he was over the three point minimum, but with the naked eye, I was just not sure enough and couldn't shoot. I had given up on carrying my cheap pocket model for evening hunts, as they were useless at dusk. The Swarovski 8x20 pocket binocular would have allowed me to confirm whether he was legal if I had them with me that day. Since then, I have packed a full size pair everywhere I go. This year after receiving the 8x20's, I rarely use my full size bino's and never go out with them.


The Swarovski 8x20 Pocket Binocular is without a doubt the best pocket binocular I have used. They are typical Swarovski quality in every way and make a wonderful addition to any hunter's kit, or shirt pocket! You may have to save and cut corners for a while to have a pair, but the sacrifice will be worth it.

Pete Ward
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