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For this review I have enlisted a friend to test the Stealth Stabalizer for me. Shannon was at the range a couple days before his annual Elk hunting trip and was having a severe noise problem with his bow and rest combination. The rattle was so loud that he had second thoughts about taking his favorite bow on this trip. It was loud, and unnerving.
After trying to isolate and quiet the problem to no avail I decided to see if the stealth would live up to its name and try it on a real noisy bow. The result was amazing. Shannon’s bow was quiet, not just a bit quieter but this bow was now nearly silent.

After the shock of the transformation was over we continued to tune broadheads for the hunt. The bow now not only shot quieter but also it was smoother, and better balanced as reported by Shannon. He tells me that the tingle on release that was there with the noise is now also gone. Although its my job to test these products I was relieved of the stealth for an appointment with a bull elk that Shannon had been scouting prior to the season opener.[see photo below]

Shannon tells me that the only thing the Bull heard as he lay in his bed was the sound of a broadhead slamming into his ribs. He never moved a muscle to indicate he heard a sound. This was a 35 yard shot allowing plenty of time for a reaction to any sounds the bow made, but there were none.

I will be making a review based on my own findings on my test bows later, after I am able to retrieve the stealth from my friend Shannon. This may prove to be a task as we are in mid season now and the Moose rut is about to start.

Based on my observations and the testimony of Shannon I will recommend the STEALTH STABILIZERS as top quality sound and vibration suppressors, I look foreword to testing this stabilizer on my own bows but I can not leave a friend with a severe rattle in his bow in mid season. The stealth lived up to its name in every way and played an important part in harvesting this fine bull elk.

The following is an email I received from Shannon after our conversation and the initial writing of this review.I have copied the e-mail for you to read.

WOW! In one word that is how I would describe the Stealth Hunter Stabilizer.

I was so frustrated that day at the range, I had such a bad vibration in my rest. I had tried a number of different things to get rid of the loud noise, with no success, until Pete gave me the Stealth Hunter to try.

I had nothing to lose, it was the same length and weight as the one I was using. I like to keep my bow as light and compact as possible so it fits the way I hunt. I cover a lot of ground when I am still hunting so the smaller the better.

After the first shot, I looked at Pete and said WOW, there was no vibration noise, what a difference. I would have never thought that a stabilizer could eliminate such a severe noise. I do believe that the Stealth Hunter helped me harvest my bull elk. Now the real test will be on my 190 class typical whitetail that I have been after for the last two years.

Thanks Stealth Hunter,

PS Pete, you know that possession is nine tenths of the law.(Ha, Ha)

****************UPDATE DECEMBER 2002************************

As the hunting has ended here now I am updating the product reviews that were done earlier this year. The first update on stealth products will be a review on their BOW HOLDER. This little bow holder traveled with me everywhere I hunted this fall. It is small enough to fit in a pocket when it is taken apart. This is a simple task as it requires that you only push down on the top part and give it a ¼ twist.

I used this holder with 3 styles of bow this year, a single cam compound, a double cam compound and the Intensity, a no cam compound that has limbs resembling a recurve. I found that the bows were always close at hand and easily and quietly removed.With the treestand attachment installed on my stands I was able to keep both hands free while my bow was ready to shoot. On the ground the little holder was put to work on many hunts and it securely held my bows at the ready in every type of soils, from fine sandy loams to lightly frozen ground.Being able to wander about and set up impromptu blinds and always have a bow holder that would keep srtings and cams out of the dirt was greatly appreciated especially when the holder is only a few inches long when taken apart and it weighs only a few ounces.

The simple design works flawlessly, holding the bow at the ready and never swinging out of position.This is another great little product that will be with me again next yearI will give this accessory my highest recommendations.It is simple and it works .Every Bowhunter should have a STEALTH BOW HOLDER.

*************SHANONS UPDATE DECEMBER 2002*******************

Well, he is not the 190 class typical whitetail that I was after, but there was no way I was going to pass him up with only one day left to hunt in the 2002 hunting season.

I was in the tree stand for 4 hours, in minus 15 degrees celcius, before I heard the sound of crunching as he was walking through the snow. It took him 20 minutes to walk 300 yards so I had lots of time to try and calm my nerves.

When he was at 50 yards, he stopped and looked right at me. I thought that he would spook and my chance would be lost. After about 2 minutes, he continued to walk past my stand. You could see that he was nervous, he looked like he just got his ass kicked by a bigger buck.

At 32 yards, he passed behind a tree, I came to full draw with my 30-yard pin settled on his lungs and I released my arrow. It was a perfect hit. The buck jumped and ran about 20 yards, stopped, and looked back to see where the arrow was sticking out of the snow.

He had no clue what had just happened, all he heard was the noise of the arrow hitting the ground. It took about another 20 yards before he fell over. I would recommend the Stealth Hunter to anyone shooting a bow, even on those nervous whitetails.

Thank you Stealth for making my 2002 season a complete success.


Pete Ward
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