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I have had the pleasure to test the HOGG-IT sight by SPOT-HOGG during the past few weeks and must state that this is a top quality sight. It is made from 6061 aluminum and has vertical and horizontal course and micro gang adjustments as well as individual micro adjustable pins. The center vertical wire provides a fast reference for individual pin adjustments .The gang is also swivel adjustable in the horizontal and vertical planes to allow for a perfect sight window view and true vertical alignment of the pins. The pins are available in .019 or .029 tru-glo fiber optics, aluminum or a tritium pin is also available. The pin guard is available in a 2” or a 2 3/8”diameter.

It may sound complicated with all these adjustments but this is the easiest sight that I have ever set up. All adjustments are screw controlled and remain fixed in the position that you placed them in and are held there by the steel Allen key set screws. The dovetail sight bar has a large foreword adjustment range that is of great value for those of us that have a hard time focusing on close pins. Bifocal users will appreciate this instantly as well as the shooter that prefers the accuracy gained with the longer sight radius. The sight slide bar is easily collapsed to fit in a bow case or removed completely for even more secure storage. Replacing the bar to the exact position needed for shooting is a breeze with the dimpled bar and Teflon tipped setscrew. The white ring surrounding the pin guard, making the HOGG-IT sight easy to pick up in low light conditions, further enhances accuracy.

The machined aluminum construction virtually eliminates any noise from the sight that would be caused by vibrations and shock. I did not have to retighten any screws during the test period and do not anticipate having to do so in the future.

Without reservation I recommend the SPOT-HOGG, “HOGG-IT” bow sight. This sight is the highest quality sight I have used. Precision machining and detailed workmanship are found thru ought this sight. The commitment to quality by SPOT_HOGG is backed up by a lifetime-limited warranty.

Pete Ward
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