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The "Real Deal sight is a bow sight that is built with precision and rugged construction.This is a truly great sight to be reviewing.I have been shooting with the Real Deal for a couple of monthe now and feel that I can pass on my impressions of it.

The first thing I noticed when installing this sight was the size of the allen screws that lock the micro adjustments.They take a 3/16" allen wrench, the same one that you use on the limb bolts!There is absolutely no way you will strip the heads on these and without a doubt loose gang adjustments are a thing of the past with this sight.

Normaly we see a good sight that has the small set screws in it to hold things tight.And we all are familiar with the stripped screw heads that often result from trying to tighten or loosen the gang adjustments.This is a common problem with many otherwise good sights that we are accustomed to.It is agravating when at the range and frustrating in camp when a screw becones loose and things move.With the extra large screws on the Real Deal I just can not see this hapening.

The Real Deal is micro adjustable , by turning a knurled nob to move the gang up /down on one knob and left / right on the other.Each adjustment is on a scaled rule allowing for precision adjustments on the gang.

The five pins are available in .019 or .029 diameter fiber optic and in standard aluminum. An optional tritium pin is also available.Each pin is individualy micro adjustable and also the sight window, {which is also available in two sizes, 2" or 2 3/8"} has a fine wire center reference that allows you to have each pin exactly in the same vertical plane.The window with its white outline is also factory equiped with a level bubble neetly tucked into the botton.

The mounting bracket is drilled for three positions ,which is apreciated by those of us with less than perfect eyesight.The bracket and all other pieces are made from thick t6061 aircraft grade aluminum and all edges are radiused.The finish machinimg is flawless as well as the flatblack coating.

I installed the Real deal on my bow and set out to do some shooting with it.I found the white outside ring automaticaly centered my attention to the sight window.The pins are very bright and easily distinguishable in all light conditions.I have the .029 pins and for those of us that have trouble seeing small pins the large diameter is a wise choice.Also I find that smaller pins are not as good for hunting when light may be low and the animal may be in the shadows.Sighting in took only minutes,and within a half hour it was fine tuned out to 65 yards.The center wire, level and micro adjustments made this task as easy as it gets.Every movement is precise and individual. Noise is not a concern with this sight.It does not rattle and every adjustment locks down securly with set screws.

I felt confident enough with the "Real Deal" to take it on a hunting trip and give it a workout in Elk Country.Although the elk were not cooperating, by holding back untill after legal shooting time the sight pins were still visible when a bull came to within 20 yards and I could not tell if he had 3 points or more.We don't need any brighter than that.I caried the Real Deal thru all sorts of tangles and such without any problems.I have been shooting with it in hot and cold weather and it has not needed any readjustments.

This little buck fell victim to the "Real Deal" and a Slick Trick broadhead at 40 yards in a heavily shadowed woods.I took him quartering towards me with one shot .The pins were so bright against him I never considered a miss was possible.

The Spott-Hogg "Real Deal" sight is definately a hunters bowsight.It is rugged and reliable with a choice of pin sizes,fiber optic or standard aluminum and sight windows ,it is available in right or left hand models that will fit your particular needs.This sight is built to take some rugged use and stay tuned.

The following statements are copied directly from Spott-hogg.I think they are worth reading.

"Personal Product Guarantee"

"We at Spot-Hogg stand behind our product, if you are not satisfied with any of our products, we are more than happy to refund your money. We are also more than happy to answer any specific questions you may have. So, if you have any, please feel free to ask."

100% Lifetime Guarantee

All pieces are milled out of 6061 aircraft aluminum. This means they are tough and have the precision accuracy that is dominating national competition. We stand behind our product, giving you the security of a 100% Lifetime Guarantee. (Fiber optics not included in warranty.) So whether you have a really bad accident, or your son decides to use it as a hammer, your sight is covered. Essentially you are investing in the last sight you will ever need.

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