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 The125 grain  Sonic broadhead from American Broadhead company is the smallest broadhead that I have tested to date but it still has a 1" cutting diameter. These little wonders are built strong and fly like lasers. The blades are replaceable SS non vented cut to the tip design that are held in place by a locking nut that fits inside the arrows insert when assembled. The main body is steel, and this is as strong as it gets.





The Sonic's are as sharp as any blade that I have seen. They are totally silent in flight and have a consistent accuracy that is as good as it gets. The 3 arrow group below shows how they will group with fieldpoints at 40 yards from a well tuned bow.{Note the sliced fletch .}The short design and steep angle of the blades forces them together on impact, so blade loss is not a concern. Even if the broadhead has come loose in the insert the blades are still held securely in place by the backing nut. This is a situation in which most other replaceable blade broadheads will loose their blades. This can not happen with the Sonic.

I have been shooting the Sonics from a variety of bows, ranging from a high speed {+300FPS}bow to traditional longbows and recurves. In every case they flew perfectly without any noise or planing. For the traditional setup I prefer heavy weight broadheads and the Carbon Arrows I am shooting have the 100 grain brass insert installed. This adds 85 grains to the broadhead making these now a 210 grain head. That is more than enough weight to do the job of providing deep penetration.

This is a pre season review so I can not comment on the effectiveness of these on game yet. but I have no hesitation in recommending the Sonic's at this time. I can not see any reason to doubt that the Sonic Broadhead will be a very effective broadhead on any game we hunt here. They fly perfectly, are totally silent and strong. These are a deep penetrating design that is well suited to the Compound and Traditional shooter.

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