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I recently received a sample of the new SLICK TRICK broadheads from Gary Cooper to test and evaluate.As hunting season was well underway I had little time to play with a new broadhead.Taking Gary's word that they fly like fieldpoints was out of the question, as we have heard this claim many times before and this was not always the case .

I decided to give them a try at the range after I setup a new test sight on a bow I would be taking on my next trip.I dialed in the bow and broadheads that I planed to use and then screwed on a 100 grain SLICK TRICK.To my surprise it grouped in with the field Points that I was shooting.Shot after shot the SLICK TRICK nested with the field points out to 50 yards which is as far as tested .I had just butchered a moose and the shoulder blade was the next target to try.At 280 FPS ti passed thru the shoulder blade and remained intact and still sharp.

This was enough proof to make me decide to use them on the next animal that I had the oportunity to harvest.The next weekend found me on an elk hunt and the SLICK TRICKS were to be my broadhead of choice.The Elk had other thoughts but I did happen on a nice little White tail buck that would be my unsuspecting volunteer.<.

The shot was at 40 yards front quartering towards me.There was enough force when the arrow entered the shoulderblade to snap the carbon shaft 2 inches below the fletches and still continue on to break a rib on the exit.This is the first time I have seen a pass thru shot with half of the arrow not entering the animal.Both the entrance and exit wounds were massive and when I recovered the front of the arrow the SLICK TRICK was still intact and still sharp, except for 1 blade that hit a rock after exiting.

I normaly do a lot of shooting with a broadhead before posting a review but in this case time did not permit it and the results speak well enough to convince me that these are a tough little broadhead that lives up to its maker's claims.They assemble quickly and easily, shoot with great accuracy and deliver an awesome punch.I did not notice any noise from them in flight and on my setup I had no problems grouping the SLICK TRICK"S with my fieldpoints.I firmly believe that on a well tuned bow you will experience the same results as I did.Thees are a broadhead that I am not afraid to use on any animal that I may happen to encounter.I have no reservations in saying that they are a very good broadhead and recommend them to any bowhunter that is looking for an excellent broadhead.

Pete Ward
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