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Rod Jenkins  "SAFARI TUFF"

"Custom take down bow cases"


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 2004 IBO WORLD CHAMPION {Recurve}

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Rods description of the case materials

"Case outershell and accessory pockets are 1000 denier Cordura nylon, with a lining of heavyweight Polar Fleece and riser pockets and limb sleeves are also heavyweight Polar Fleece. I use high grade nylon webbing....not the cheap polyester! Also the edge binding is Cordura nylon. Padding is 3/16'' ethafoam...the case will float with 7 pounds...probably more but that's all the weight I've tested it with. "



    Protection for our take down's is a must for us here. Rod Jenkins had made a takedown case that is the best I have seen to date.

It has been designed after many years of shooting tournaments by Rod with all the things the cases he was using did not have.The Safari Tuff take down case is also well thought out for the back packer/Hunter. It rolls up small. will cary a bow with 2 sets of limbs with the adition of extra protection socks, and it floats  {good for float trips} as well as being waterproof.  Rod does not endorse  it, but I was able to put 2 complete small Riser bows in my case by using extra socks for the limbs and riser to protect the second bow.The new cases will also have outside rings for securing them to packs and ATV's etc.These cases fold out to make a 25" x 46" padded surface to work on your bow without having to worry about loosing things  thru cracks in tables etc. Folded up the case is 32" long x about 6" diameter, depending on how much extra gear you pack in the pockets.  It fits in a large suitcase or duffle bag for taking you bow on trips  where you want it out of site, or you like the extra protection it gets when in a suitcase full clothes. 

Each limb has its own sock that has a draw string that is attached to the case as well as a compartment for the riser.The bow is totaly protected from any scratches and bumps. In the center are 3 velcro pockets that will hold all the things we think we need as well as those we do need like strings, serving, allen keys spare bolts, bow square, gloves and nock plyers. The case has a hand grip as well as a shoulder strap that will free up the hands for carying other things.


The cases are available in Camo or solid colors like the ones we have. Custom logo's are available for shops and individuals at an extra cost.

We have been using these cases for a few weeks now and are very pleased at how well designed they are.They are a  fully functional case that does not waste space and they provide excelent protection for our bows.Since receiving the Safari Tuff cases we use them exclusively for all of our trips and outings where we take our 3 piece bows. Rod has informed me that a 1 piece case is in the works for a longbow or recurve that is strung up.

 This is good news as I prefer to leave a bow strung on day trips where I will be shooting in diferent places or on hunts where I want to pack the bow out of harm and have it ready for the morning or drive a couple miles to a new area.

In a few words "I think that these are excelent cases for  protecting our valuable bows ." The "Safari Tuff "case is my first choice in take down bow cases.

Well done Rod.

Read the review on Rods "GREAT STRINGS"  . Flemish twist custom bow strings.They are on all of my bows now.


Pete Ward

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