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I have been wearing the “RUSSELL TRACKER MOCCASINS” that were sent to me for testing every time I go to the ranges or in the woods for the last month. The time spent wearing these moccasins has varied from 11 hours the first day to about 4 hours on other excursions. The average is 8 hours each time I go out. Rarely do you find a boot that can be worn for such long times on the first outing that doesn’t give you sore or blistered feet. The trackers are the exception; they fit like they have been worn for months, instantly forming to the shape of your foot while providing ample support to the ankles and arches.

These are the featherweights of hunting boots; the lightweight is a true blessing when traversing steep hills and climbing over fallen logs. The pair I received have the optional crepe soles that will help provide a barrier when walking on damp and wet ground, as well as adding a silence to your footstep that is perfect for stalking wary deer or other big game. Sensitivity is still incredible with the crepe soles, every small branch or stone can be felt as you step, yet foot discomfort is non-existent, allowing you to replace your step and avoid those cracking twigs and branches. The soft crepe soles also muffle the sound of those cracking branches that are missed or ignored unlike a hard soled boot.

I have been wearing leather boots all of my life and have not had problems with waterproofing. Regular oiling and cleaning will provide a lifetime of dry and comfortable hunting. I am not suggesting that this will make the tracker into a rubber boot, but it will protect against normal wetness experienced in hunting situations.

The Russell moccasin company is not an ordinary shoe store. Each boot is fit to your foot measurements with great care. I discovered the care that they take when I was asked to remeasure and trace my feet after placing my order. It seemed that I have 1 foot larger than the other and the cobbler was concerned that this could be a mistake, so a second set of measurements of my feet and lower legs was taken to ensure that the fit was perfect. The results were perfect, these fit better than any other boot that I have ever worn, which is many as I wear boots all day at my regular Job.

Without question or reservation the “Russell Trackers” are the best hunting boots that have ever covered my feet. Hunting season starts in Alberta next week and this year I will be living in my new boots for the duration of the season.

**************************Update December 2002***************************

I have been wearing my TRACKERS all fall in all weather from rain and mud to snow and ice. They have stood up remarkably well. They still look like new after all the abuse they were subjected to. The soles do not show any signs of wear at all. I normally walk between 2 and 6 miles on a days hunting and not ounce did the day end with sore feet. Twice they were reoiled this fall and I never had wet feet. The stitching is well done and does not show any signs of tearing or coming loose. Without question these are the quietest boots that I have ever come across. Even when walking on gravel roads they are quiet. I could walk normally and be silent when a friend was carefully stepping and still making a lot of noise.

The soft leathers that these are made from did not seem to need a break-in, however as the season progressed the boots became molded to my feet and comfort increased with each day in the woods.

With the exception of gumbo mud the traction was very good. The crepe soles cling to the ground very well. On snow and even ice they do not seem to slip, but gumbo mud is another thing. This stuff is slippery even with lug soles and the smooth crepe soles are nearly treacherous. I soon learned to avoid gumbo on hills.

I will be wearing these Trackers for many tears to come. They are the best and most comfortable hunting boots I have worn. This year I walked approximately 200 miles in these boots and by the look of them now they have many more miles left in them before repairs are needed. I have no reservation in recommending RUSSELL TRACKERS to the hunting community. They are the best.

Pete Ward
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