"Bamboo backed Hickory Longbow"

Jim Boswell
8120 Parke Creek Rd.
Ellensburg Wa. 98926
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Test Bow
Reflexed , Bamboo  backed Hickory longbow
68" 50# draw AMO
18 strand Dacron string
The test bow sent for evaluation is a well made self bow with  brown dyed bamboo backing and finished with Fuller Plast. It is reflexed to help reduce the hand shock these bows deliver and increase performance.The pistol grip is well formed and comfortable to hold.
These are not high end expensive bows and the reader must understand this .The terms I use to describe the bow should be taken in the context that they are describing a self bow, that is an entry level bow for most people.
If I use a word like "smooth" , consider it "smooth" for this type of bow, and not in the same context as I would use it to describe an Adcock ACS.They are different and are not comparable.We need to keep this in mind when reading this review.
The bow is well tillered and has a good finish with tight even glue lines.Stacking is not  an issue up to my draw length as the chart below shows.Shooting the bow is a bit of a change that reminds me what hand shock is.This one is like a  Hill style bow when we think about shock.It has hand shock.It is very quiet though and accuracy with properly spined arrows is not a problem.
Although it is not a barn burner it does shoot with good performance for the type of bow it is.Hunting out to  20 yards with it should not be a problem.

The grip fits me well and the shelf {optional and small} is adequate to serve its intended function.It should have a leather or velcro pad to make it silent for hunting.This is easily done at home.Also the string leaves a lot to be desired.It is not unreasonable to want to have it served and nocked. The loops are not neatly finished, but they are secure.
I think this type of bow is well suited to the man that wants to go "TRADITIONAL" and get back to the basics of traditional archery with a bow that is not likely to break as many self bows do.
Bamboo backing is very good for adding performance and life to these bows. The bow is a very quiet shooter that is accurate for me with the right spined arrows. These bows require a light spine , as they are not center cut at all.
I chose to shoot only one arrow weight with this bow because this type of bow should not be shot with light arrows. They are designed to shoot heavy arrows at modest speeds.

  Draw length  Draw weight   Arrow weight  Speed/FPS 
  8   0   505GR  
  9   4    
  10   8    
  11   11    
  12   15    
  13   17    
  14   20    
  15   23    
  16   26    
  17   28    
  18   30    
  19   33    
  20   36    
  21   38    
  22   41    
  23   43    
  24   46    
  25   48    
  26   50   505   147
  27   53   505   156
  28   55   505   163

Is this a good bow? Yes. Jim has made a very reasonably priced well tillered bow that can provide many hours of enjoyment.The draw is smoother than I expected.Stacking does not take place up to 28". {I did not draw it past 28".}It does have considerable hand shock, and this is expected .I would not hesitate to draw on an animal with this bow, however it is unlikely that I will because of the other high end bows at my disposal.I can see me shooting in a "Traditional class" with it at a 3D shoot some day.The Reflexed bamboo backed hickory bow is a good entry level bow that is easy to master. It has ample performance to take any game we have with heavy arrows tipped with razor sharp broadheads.{This is a good combination for any hunting bow.}


A word of caution... Do not leave this type of bow strung when it is not in use.Wood bows are best stored unstrung and never store any bow in a corner standing on the limb tip. Store them on pegs.

Pete Ward

"welcome to my outdoor world"

Copyright 2006 PETER WARD