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When the Reinhart Block and Vital Deer targets arrived it was still mid winter so what better time to test a couple targets than in February in Alberta outdoors at -30 degreese. I have been shooting broadheads and field points into them ever since and have not had any problems to date {May}.

Reinhart claims that these targets are the best for easy arrow removal, and with wood or aluminum arrows these are very easy targets to remove an arrow from, even at high speeds.I will point out here that carbons at high speed with field points are still hard to pull, although when broadheads are used carbons pull very easy.If you shoot high speed carbon arrows a generous amount of lubricant will definately help out here.

The BROADHEAD DEER from Reinhart is a great hunting practice target that will stop any arrow shot at it.The vitals are relieved to show the heart and lungs on one side whick aids in teaching where to shoot while the oposite side looks like a normal #D target from shooting distances.When the shot is taken you can see if it is a hunting Kill shot by viewing the outlined vitals on the deer.

The Broadhead deer has been stoping fixed balde and expandable broadheads as well as field points for me without showing any great amount of damage.These targets are also designed with a replaceable vital core that is score marked for 45 degree angle shots as well as the normal 90 degree shots.This will greatly increase the life of the replacable core.The replacement cores are about half the price of conventional midsections on other 3D targets.This results in a big savings when replacements are eventualy needed.Broadheads are easily removed when shot at high speed on carbon Arrows, and all aluminum arrows are a breeze to remove from the BROADHEAD DEER.This is a very good choice for the Bowhunter to practice on as the vital area is more important to us than the X ring.This target is the best teaching aid that I have seen to date, and I am sure that I will benefit from the use of thee Broadhead Deer Target, from Reinhart.I will highly recommend this target to the Bowhunting comunity.
The rhino Block is a new target that will last a lifetime for the average shooter.It has 18 shooting surfaces that allow straight on or angled 45 degree shots from above.It is heavy and sturdy enough to remain where it was placed when shot with high speed arrows and still light enough to be easily carried by the integral rope handle.

I have shot everything that I could get my hands on into the RHINO BLOCK and the thought of a pass thru is just a thought.The stoping power of this target is fantastic and if the shooter uses the diferent sides wearout is not an issue.After hundreds of shots with broadheads and field points the Rhino Block is still in like new condition.Arrow removal is extremely easy when wood or aluminum arrows are used and Carbons are removed easier than in other targets that I have used.Lubricating the carbon Shafts will greatly aid in arrow removal by keeping the carbon's from fusing into the block.

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