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- Wolverine DuraShocks®
- Waterproof
Waterproof full-grain leather upper. PK Mesh lining. 200 gram Thinsulate™ insulation. Removable full-cushion dual-density polymer footbed. Wolverine DuraShocks® lightweight polyurethane outsole. Direct-attach construction. Fiberglass shank.


After a few months of wearing the Rainer II Hikers I can now complete this review with confidence. I have been alternating the "Vail "and the "RainerII" hikers since receiving them a few months ago.

This Review is for the "Rainer II Hiker".

The RainierII is a light weight hiker that is very easy to like. The Rainer II ,like every Wolverine Boot I have tested is very comfortable to wear.Whether you are down town on pavement or in a park trail, where conditions are easy , or going off road to explore, the Rainer II is a good choice for moderate service.

{My idea of moderate may be different than yours}

I have been wearing these boots all day  in rain , mud and dry dusty conditions and do not have any complaints.I have always ended up with warm dry feet and have not had any break in issues like blisters or hot spots on my feet. Traction has been good on muddy slopes along our 3D trails.

For early season  scouting or hunting where conditions are  not  expected to be  severe the RainierII  hikers are a good choice. They are light weight, comfortable and have good traction.They are not made to conquer a mountain, they are for the average person that wants a good looking   light to  moderate service boot . These Hikers should stand up to a good amount of off trail use with a bit of care and cleaning. Like the Vail's ,I will be wearing them for the rest of the summer on the 3D trail and then in the early fall when I start hunting again.

The Rainer II is a good choice for anyone wanting a boot that will take you from groomed trails to off trail exploring, where you are not going into deep mud, water or rocky cliff's. For the weekend camper that takes  to  the bush these would be a perfect choice. There is ample ankle suport and the light weight of them will not wear you out. For early season scouting  and hunting they will be a nice change from the high boots I have been wearing in the past. I just need to remember that I can not go the same places and expect to stay dry as I can with higher top boots . They are waterproof and I have yet to get wet feet wearing then as long as I don't go over the tops.

 Around camp they are a great boot, and going on walks in the woods or on game trails  where we are not likely to get into Muskeg and Bogs, the Rainer II are right at home . I like the Rainer II hikers  and reccommend them to the light to moderate service users.

If you have shot the Drayton Valey 3D course in Alberta you have seen step hills and shot at all angles on them. Last weekend we shot there and I wore the RainierII on the steepest part of the course. Sure footing was not a concern ,climbing, descending or when shooting. The light weight  and excellent traction made the long climb from target to target much easier than I anticipated.

The Rainier II is an excellent boot in my opinion. It will be one of my top choices for this fall , and it is already a top choice for camping and 3D shooting. These are not a boot to be worn for severe service, but with a little common sense you will walk almost anywhere with confidence. I wish that I had a pair of the Rainier II boots  a long time ago. My feet would have appreciated them too. I have no problem in reccomending these boots to anyone looking for a very good hiking boot.

Pete Ward

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