I regret to inform you that our friend and bowyer Jack Ford has passed away after a lengthy illness.
I will be leaving the Pecos Review on line as a tribute to Jack and the fine bows that he built. Jack left us shortly after this review was completed, and although he is no longer with us I am sure that he will be remembered  for the bows designed and built and articles he wrote in the magazines we read.
Thank you Jack for all of your contributions to our sport.
 You will be missed my friend .
To those fortunate enough to have a Pecos Longbow, Treasure it, they are special .



We have been shooting the “PECOS” longbow from Pecos River Longbows for many weeks now and have come to the conclusion that this bow is definitely a well made quiet and quick longbow that is shock free and pleasant to shoot. It shoots where you look and is quite forgiving to form problems.

{Pat shown above with the "Pecos"} 
The "PECOS" that I received for this review is a sleeper.

The Pecos is a 60"/55# @ 28", basic reflex / deflex longbow design with a lightly contoured grip, center cut and providing a comfortable low wrist grip. The shelf and strike plate are radiused for good arrow flight. The wood in this model is “Jatoba”, nicely grained and finished with a very well done hand rubbed oil finish. The fit of the limbs and fades are precise and accurate, smoothly blending into each other.


The limbs are Birdseye Maple and clear glass, reflexed, and sport Bubinga tip reinforcements for shooting fast flight and other modern strings. The limb cores are Honey Locust, a wood that has proved itself for many years as a fast and durable material that is ever popular with bowyers and archers.



I have been alternately shooting the “PECOS” with my wife over the past couple months and we both have become very fond of it. Pat will be adding to this review with her own comments later on. For now it will be my thought's that you will be reading.The first impressions when we shoot a bow are lasting whether they are good or bad. That’s human nature. For myself I liked the looks and workmanship it has. The day it arrived we were having a late winter Blizzard and the only place to test shoot was in the basement where the chrono was set up. Normally I don’t chrono a bow until it has been shot for a while to allow the new string to “set”. The initial speeds surprised me to say the least. I also discovered how quiet it shot in such a small space with nothing to absorb the sounds. It has a definite Dead feel after the shot, something we all like. If you have ever shot a bow that “buzzes” after the release you will definitely appreciate a “dead” feel when you experience it. This was beginning to be the start of a conflict between Pat and myself as to who would be shooting the Pecos when we went shooting. {Pat has reminded me that Jack built this bow for her to use.}

We have shot a few thousand arrows from the Pecos since it arrived and have had the opportunity to tune it and select a set of arrows for it. After some noc adjustments and spine selections we came up with arrows that fly well and suit the bow well. This is when we began to see just how well it really shoots. {This is also where Pat has taken over this bow and I have to move on to other testing.} I have shot the Pecos both at indoor ranges and outdoor ranges as well as a few Stump shooting sessions. I find that it is smooth to draw with good early weight, something that helps it get its performance. There is no stacking up to 28”, where I stopped taking readings.{see chart}The Pecos shoots a variety of arrows well, carbon, aluminum and wood, tapered and straight. The ability to hit what I look at is what we are looking for in a bow, this is more important than speed .The Pecos has both qualities. It shot arrows from 410 grains up to 650 grains accurately, quietly and without hand shock.The 875 Grain test arrow was only used for chronographing.

Jack Ford is the bowyer behind Pecos River Longbows. As well as a bowyer Jack is also an outdoor writer, contributing to “Traditional Bowhunter Magazine” on a frequent basis.


Jack ,{pictured above checking tips and filing the shelf } may not be well known as a Bowyer “yet”, but I think this will change as his bows become better known.
Jack will work with his customers to build the bow that they want, something that not all bowyers will take the time to do .The material selection for having your “Pecos” built from is extensive. If you have another material in mind that is not listed Jack will try to accommodate you.

PECOS RIVER LONGBOWS have a 2 year warranty and also they have a test buy program. If you do not like the bow within 14 days Jack will refund your money. That’s hard to beat! He will also reduce the draw weight by up to 6 pounds at no charge if you ordered a bow that is to much for you.

In closing this part of the review I can say that I am impressed with the test bow that we received. It is well made, shoots very well and communication with Jack during the building and testing has been excellent. You will not be disappointed with the “Pecos” if you choose to try one.
Pats take on the Pecos

I will start this off by saying I consider myself a novice at Traditional shooting, I have had 2 traditional bows for the last few years but never enjoyed shooting them. I found they were not comfortable to hold and my arms buzzed after the shot. Since I am not up on all the technical stuff, I am going to leave all these details up to Pete and do my review only on the appearance and shoot ability of the bow.

When Pete told me that Jack was willing to send a bow for me to test I was thrilled. We got in touch with Jack and explained that this would be my first custom longbow and that I would be shooting with the sole intention of learning to hunt Traditional. We needed a bow with a small grip and poundage I could handle. Jack came through on both counts.

When the Pecos arrived I was so upset because we had just had a spring blizzard and there was too much snow on the ground to go and try it! I don’t like shooting in the basement, but I did have to try an arrow. To my disappointment I could not get a full draw on it and thought it would have to go back to Jack for a “weight loss” session. We Contacted Jack and there was no problem for him to do this, he said it would take about a week in his shop to lighten and refinish it. We had a shoot coming up in a week that we wanted to take the Pecos to so we decided to put off sending it back until after the shoot. I am so glad we did!

I took the Pecos to our Saturday morning shoot. We had a round of 20 3-D targets and 20 bag targets. I was doing okay on the shots but I still could not get a full draw on the bow no matter how hard I tried. After we stopped for lunch it was time for the novelty shots. This is my favorite part of the shoots we go to as everybody is on an equal playing ground and I knew I just had to do my best and have fun, with no pressure. The first shot was an elk across the pond at 120 yards. When I stepped to the line to shoot the guys all told me I wouldn’t be able to make the distance with my bow, and my arrows would end up in the pond. I can be stubborn at times and had to prove them wrong! I pulled back and let the arrow go. It not only made it to the elk but sailed about 10 yards over its back. Needless to say I was excited but the best part of all was when Pete informed me I had finally achieved a full draw on the bow. I was so busy concentrating on the shot that the weight became irrelevant. I have been pulling a full draw ever since and my shooting has improved substantially.

I have been shooting the Pecos for about 6 weeks now and I can notice the difference in my accuracy. This is improving on an almost daily basis. I can consistently put 5 arrows in a 4” circle at 15 yards. We also play a “pick the target” game which consists of shooting at 3-D animals at distances of 15-50 yards. While I can’t hit them all the time I do manage to get them about 75% of it.

The Pecos is a very smooth bow to pull and a dream to shoot. I get none of the hand shock from this bow that I was getting form my other ones, and as a result I never turn down the opportunity to go shooting it. I am even leaving my compounds at home now because I have more fun with the longbow and I am determined to be able to shoot this as well as I can the compound.

I have nothing but praise for Jack on the design and construction of the Pecos. This bow is very lightweight and trim. As I stated before the grip was built small enough to fit my hand and contoured enough to force me to hold the bow in the proper shooting position. This may not be as important to more experienced shooters, but as a relative novice it has given me the confidence to know I can handle a longbow and I am looking forward to taking it into the woods come hunting season to see if I can possibly get something with it. My goal this year is an elk and if I can get one with the Pecos that would be the ultimate hunt!

A very special Thank you to Jack at Pecos River Longbows for building such a fine bow. Thank you for having the patience and time to answer all my questions and concerns in very quick time. Jack is a great bowyer and a wealth of information in the traditional archery sport.

Pat Ward

In the table below you can see the "Pecos " does not stack and it handles varying weight arrows very well,even at the short 24" draw length. 

Note :Numbers below in red are taken after this bow was reduced in draw weight from 55# to 51.5 pounds.This was done to give Pat a better suited draw weight.This weight reduction resulted in her drawing 25" instaed of 24".The results are interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12   18                        
  13   21                        
  14   24                        
  15   26                        
  16   27.5                        
  17   30                        
  18   32                        
  19   34                        
  21   38   start   of     shooting   at     24   inch     draw    
  22   40                        
  23   42                      



  410 gr






  496gr   145  23   650gr   141  29   875gr   119   27









    "   158  27     "   147  31     "   125   30









    "   166  30     "   154  34     "   131   33









    "   175  34     "   163  38     "   136   36









    "   181  36     "   169  41     "   145   41
Pete Ward
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