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The OPTI-LOGIC LASER RANGEFINDER 600XT is the product being reviewed on this page. After some discussion with Mike Booth of opti-logic I accepted his offer to test the model 600xt in camo finish. This is a compact lightweight laser rangefinder that is simple to use and adjust. It measures in feet, yards, or meters, and has settings for reflective targets up to 1000 yards and non-reflective targets up to 600 yards. It operates on a single 9 volt battery and is rated for approximately 1000 readings per battery. The best feature of the 600xt is its capability to measure horizontal distance as well as line of sight distance with the click of a button. This is particularly beneficial to those who hunt from elevated stands or in hilly terrain.

The hunter estimating the line of sight distance and using the corresponding pin or sight hold for the line of sight causes most up hill and down hill shots that are missed. This will result in a miss, high, whether shooting uphill or down hill. The xt has the ability to display the horizontal distance to the target. This is the distance you should be sighting for to eliminate those high misses.

The opti-logic laser rangefinders are programmed by holding the button that fires the laser depressed for about 10 to 15 seconds, then clicking the button to select the desired mode of operation, and unit of measurement, feet, meters, yards, reflective or non reflective [deer etc.] and line of sight distance or horizontal distance. This will take about 30 seconds to set up for your preference and the settings will remain until you change them.

I have tested my 600xt on actual measured distances and found that the 600xt is completely accurate at all tested distances. This was done at the local outdoor range where targets are set out to 65 yards. I also tested it on a right away where the poles are set at 100 yards apart and found that the Hydro crew was consistent in placement this time. While looking for deer I found that a reading out to 321 yards at dusk was easily achieved It became apparent that the red target LED was covering the deer completely, but the distances were easily obtained. Horses and cattle were also targeted as there were no moose at longer distances to test with and the readings were again easily obtained out to 500 yards.

I also tested the horizontal distance of the 600xt on hydro poles to check the accuracy of the horizontal function. At all distances the reading of the pole taken at eye level was the same as the reading of the top of the pole. This confirms that the horizontal function is working properly and accurately.

There are a couple of improvements that I would like to see on future models. The first would be a smaller target light in the viewfinder and the second would be a binocular type neck strap.

I am recommending the optilogic model 600xt as a good quality accurate rangefinder for the hunter, whether he is at close bow range or in the open rifle hunting .I had no problems taking readings on ducks and geese in fields or deer and moose, and domestic farm animals who substituted for some long range game animals. I was particularly impressed with the horizontal distance function. This is a good product for bowhunters and riflemen alike.

Pete Ward
“Welcome to my outdoor world”


                                    "END OF SEASON UPDATE"

I have had a wonderful season using the XT 600.It was always with me and from September till the season closed on November 30 , a cold -30 day in Alberta. A single battery lasted countless readings on landmarks and game. It worked flawlessly and was of great benefit when ranging from a treestand. On other outings I found that the tilt compensator was perfect. When I was fogged in on a clearing and I could not see across the open area until the morning sun lifted the ice fog I knew the distance to the other side by reading the treetops that were visible above the fog. When I was finaly able to see, there was no doubt what the distances were to the surrounding edges.
During the season I accurately ranged many animals from Deer to Moose at distances out to 400 yards. The silent operation was a blessing when I was taking a reading of a moose on the last hour of the season. The cold air amplifies sound and the moose was only 35 yards from my stand with just the hind quarters showing. He never knew I was there, and unfortunately he never took the extra step I needed to make a clean shot. The season settled into darkness as I watched him fade into the night knowing he was in perfect bow range.
After using the XT600 all season I am sold it. I never had to wonder what the range was or what pin to use because of the angle to my target. By keeping the XT on the slant mode I always know exactly what the distance is. This is a perfect rangefinder for the bowhunter and the rifle hunter alike .After a full season of hard use I would not go hunting without it, and I would not trade it for any other rangefinder .

Pete Ward
"Welcome to my outdoor world"

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