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Sometimes we find a product that is well thought out, simple to use and it works. The NIFF-T-SEAT is one of these. It is simply the best hunting seat that I have ever found. The Niff-t-Seat is strong and comfortable, it provides a padded seat that varies in height from 5" to 22", is suited for use on uneven ground, doesn't fall over and folds up to a nice little package that hangs on your belt.
It is quiet and fast to assemble, swivels, and can be used on uneven ground that other hunting seats would be impossible to use on. Weather you are hunting with a Bow or gun this seat will fit the bill.
I have been using the Niff-t-Seat for the past few days at the local Range for practice shooting and find it completely flexible for all conditions both in the field course and in the woods on the 3D course. All the pieces securely slip into pouches and store without any metal clinks or rattles. Setup takes less than a minute in any terrain. Without question the " Niff-t-Seat " is recommended as a versatile, functional and comfortable hunting seat. The simplicity of the design and quality of workmanship and materials all come together to make the Niff-t-Seat a great product that should last for years. I will definately be using the "NIFF-T-SEAT" this fall on my hunting trips.

Pete Ward
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