Jeff Massie
516 North Ave. E.
P.O. Box 362
Shiner, TX 77984-0362



55#@28" 66" Longhorn Longbow.
Clear glass
European Plane veneer (light color)
Plyboo core
Dymondwood riser in a double blade patern.
Dymondwood overlays
Locator palm swell (light)
High Gloss finish
Test bow: MASSIE "LONGHORN" 3 PIECE RECURVE, 55# @ 28" 66" AMO

Jeff Massie is one of the finest craftsmen to take up bowery, and the closing of Massie Archery will be a great loss to the archery community. I will not be showing Draw force /chrono Information charts on this review. The Longhorn arrived in mid hunting season and I did not have time to do these. The month of November was taken up with my job, working 12 hour night shifts 6 and 7 days a week. Then the e-mail arrived telling me about the closing of Massie Archery and the need to return the Longhorn ASAP.I did however get a few days at the range with the longhorn to do some Sunday shooting with it. This review will only deal with my feelings and thoughts for what they are worth.


The bow I had the privilege to shoot was an example of superb craftsmanship that it typical of Jeff Massie. The materials are flawless as is the high gloss finish on this bow. The grip is neatly wrapped with a leather lace that provides an extra custom look. The pictures below will show you what I am trying to say.


Shooting the Longhorn is a pleasant experience form the draw that is silky smooth to the release which leaves the bow dead in your hand. I have always loved the smoothness of Bamboo and Carbon and the Longhorn just reinforced this to me again. The grip felt like the bow was molded to my hand. Placing arrows to where I was looking was just too easy for a new bow that I had not shot before. The sound on release was a pleasant thud as the string left the glove. Yes it is very quiet.


Some bows have a feel and fit that is hard to really describe. Like an old armchair, or a hunting boot that has traveled many miles with you. The longhorn is one of these bows to me. It has the characteristics that will make it a collector’s item, not just for its beauty, or the Massie name on it but for the way it draws and shoots as well. This is a true classic that will be cherished by its new owner for years to come.


I did manage to scale the Longhorn and as marked it was 55#at 28",and had a constant 3# per inch of draw .The bow has good early draw weight and as a result it performs very well. I did not chrono it but from experience I will say it is as fast as or faster than most of today’s longbows.


At this time the future of Massie Archery looks bleak. Jeff has decided to close shop and take up his other profession. That will be a great loss to us. I want to thank Jeff for having the trust in me to let me work with his bows. I hope the closing of Massie Archery is a short lived thing and that we can see a future for this fine craftsman building bows again .


I apologies to you and Jeff for the incompleteness of this review.





.Pete Ward
“Welcome to my outdoor world”


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