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If you venture into the backcountry then this product is for you. The land shark is a light weight instant survival bag that replaces those little space type blankets with a shelter that is wind and waterproof and does not allow the winds to creep in and rob you of precious body heat.

The LAND SHARK survival bag I received cane vacuum-sealed in a foil pouch and a sturdy carry bag that is easily worn on your waist. This survival bag is a must for backcountry adventurers. it is light weight and highly visible as it is bright orange to attract the attention of rescue personnel. The foil pouch will also double as a water container and a reflective mirror to attract that needed attention.

At first I was skeptical of this product until I had the opportunity to open it and get inside. It was easy to open and get into as it is very flexible and not stiff at all. The day I chose to test it was in October, and the temperatures were near freezing. I instantly found out that it was air tight except for the top opening, which could be pulled over my head to increase the heat savings. I quickly found out that at these temperatures I did not need my head covered as the heat buildup was instant. In fact I had a hard time staying in the bag long enough to have some pictures taken. With the sun shining it was to hot to stay inside without letting in some outside air. I am sure that at night this would not be the case but it certainly would keep you warm and alive.

Another feature that is of importance to the outdoorsman is that this survival bag is designed for water survival also in case of a plane crash or capsized boat. For those that may have a use for it the Land Shark is also camouflaged on the reverse side. I doubt the sportsman will have need of this as we are not likely to be behind enemy lines and in need of hiding from the enemy.

A final feature that really surprised me was that I could easily refold it and put it back in the pouch! I never thought this would be possible when I opened it. I had thought that it would be a one time use bag, but it easily fits back in the bag and the cary pouch.

The second item that I received is the Electronic WHITE LED EMERGENCY FLASHLIGHT. This little light can be programmed to display "SOS" and a variety of other light flashes, varying in speed and intensity and It has an approximate battery life of 700 hours. It fits in a shirt pocket and is powered by lithium battery’s. You can activate from 1 to 5 white LED's that have incredible visibility. I tested the brightness while on vacation this year in daylight when I went fishing. The light flashes were visible for a half mile , perhaps more, during broad daylight. It is equipped with a carry strap that can be used to set it up all night to attract attention and it is also waterproof, floats and has a magnetic base for attaching to a vehicle etc.

I can whole-heartedly endorse both of these products as a wise investment for the outdoorsman. They are fully functional and reliable. Either one or both could easily be a life saver in an emergency situation.

Pete Ward
“Welcome to my outdoor world”

Copyright © 2002 PETER WARD

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