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45" by 71/2" by 161/2"
Water repellent poly-cotton material
Center divider padded with closed cell foam
Outside arrow pocket
5 inside pockets for gear storage Shoulder strap
Exterior pocket holds items for easy access


        Kolpin has made another fantastic bow case. The "DOUBLE EDGE BOW GEAR BAG" is the most versatile bow case that I have used. I frequently go on trips to the bush with my wife, and as a result it was always 2 bow cases, or more. Last year I tested the Kolpin Bowtector double case and I was impressed. It quickly became the case we used. That has all changed. The new Double Edge Bow Gear bag is an even better case. It has ample room for 2 bows, and quivers. The outside quiver compartment is actually large enough that I was able to put a third bow in it. If you do this there will be no padding on the outside of the third bow, so be careful. The case has a wide padded shoulder strap that snaps on to the many rings available on this case. Each of the two bow compartments zipper independently and each has a full size pocket and a pocket about a quarter of the case size. Both of these pockets are mesh covered so that you can see what is in them. No more digging for your release or string wax. You can see where everything is.


        Each compartment is also hard side protected and foam padded. That means that both bows are protected on both sides from bumps and bangs. The case is well thought-out with strong soft handles that are Velcro fastened to each other when in the carry position. This also secures both sides of the case from an accidental spill should a zipper be left open. The zippers are full length heavy duty , with locking rings for security if you want to add a small lock.

        When we go for a weekend trip or just a quick run to the range we now have both of our bows in one case. It gives good protection and carries all of our gear in a single case. This is the third case from Kolpin that I have tested. They just keep getting better. This case is easy to carry, gives good protection and looks good also. Our bows have been traveling in the back of my truck for many trips now with no damage at all. They have endured many miles of rough roads without a problem. The Double Edge Bow Gear bag is definitely one of my favorite pieces of gear. I can highly recommend this case for all but air travel. When we fly, the airlines can destroy almost any case, and only a well reinforced, locked hard case should be used. For all other times this is the case to use. Whether you are a couple or you have a backup bow that you take to camp, one case is a lot easier to manage than two. If you are going for a weekend trip and only taking one bow the other side will easily carry all of the camo that you will need.

 Pete Ward

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Copyright 2002 PETER WARD
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