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Archery Series Bowtector™ 46 DOUBLE BOW CASE”

Outside of case is reinforced with Rhino Rib™ to provide extra protection in the areas of the handle riser, sights, eccentrics, and wheels of compound bows.
Rhino Rib™ extends along the entire bottom of the case.
Exterior is constructed of weatherproof washable heavy weave polyester.
Case features a dense closed cell foam complimented with black polyester lining.
New Mud Guard™ zippers prevent debris from entering the case.
“Kolpin” molded zipper pulls.
Padded wrap around handles.

The BOWTECTOR DOUBLE CASE is a well-made and convenient bow case that is of great convenience for those of us that have more than one bow. It has two separate zippered compartments that are well padded to protect your prize bows. The double pull zippers are full length and are equipped with large moulded pull-tabs. The BOWTECTOR 46" DOUBLE is of the same construction as in the single case that I reviewed last year.
[click to read]The double case also has an adjustable shoulder strap that allows you to carry it hands free. If you are like me, a trip to the range is a lot of lugging and packing. To take a couple of bows in heavy hard cases is always extra trips to the truck.
Now for Pat and I to go out for an evenings shoot we only take the BOWTECTOR DOUBLE CASE and an arrow box. The double case easily caries our bows and releases. If I am going to test bows I can carry two bows and still have my hands free to carry other gear.

I am looking foreward to being able to go hunting and not fill the camper with bow cases. To be able to take a spare bow and not have all of the campers space taken up with bow cases will make trips a pleasant outing rather than a cramped trip.
The case is well padded and reinforced with KOLPINS RHINO RIB for greater protection than a normal soft case can provide. If you are only taking one bow with you the second compartment is a good space to put the arrow box and a camo suit. It is almost like a suitcase and BOWCASE all in one package.

This is a very useful BOWCASE that provides good protection from minor bumps and dirt. Even mud will not get through the material or the zippers. I find that it provides adequate protection to allow me to set it in the back of the pickup without having to worry about damage to the bows or the sights.
Our trips to the range are simpler and easier now that Pat and I do not need to load separate cases. I would like to see the arrow pocket that is on the single BOWTECTOR CASE on the double case. This would make the case a complete storage system. I also would like to see the next model with the Rhino Rib material on both sides. As with the single case this is a good product that I can easily recommend to the bowhunting community.

If you are a bowhunter that uses an ATV to get back into the bush you will also want to look at the new SEALTECTOR ATV BOWCASE. I believe it is the only BOWCASE made specifically for ATV'S.



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