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Axle to axle - 32"

Brace height - 7 3/4"

Weight - 3.3 lbs.

Draw lengths  26"-30"

Peak draw weight - 60# or 70#

IBO speed - 300+ fps




Axle to axle - 36"

Brace height - 7 1/4"

Weight - 3.4 lbs.

Draw lengths 26 1/2"- 30 1/2"

Peak draw weight - 60# or 70#

IBO speed - 300+ fps



Kodiak Outdoors is a new company that is in its second year of bow production. They have produced two bows, in two grades or trim options. One is the "KO" series, which has a 32 and a 36" model. The other is the "BOWLOGIC" series, which are the KO’S with a custom, made sight and rest factory installed. Both are available with 60 or 70 Pound limbs.

I am reviewing the KO 32, a single cam sweetheart that is adjustable in draw length from 26" to 30" without the need of a press or modules.It is a very smooth , shock free quiet and acurate Bow to shoot.

The KO 32 is a well made bow that features some very innovative designs. The first thing I noticed is that there are no limb pockets. This is the starting point of a light weight slim looking bow .The limbs are fit to the riser without the bulky looking pockets that are standard on most bows. This also eliminates a common noise source that is also standard on other bows, and it is quiet. The mounting system is called the "L2R" or limb to riser system.

The next innovation here is the "QLS" or QUADRA LATERIAL STABILIZING system, which consists of 4 mini sound suppressors that are threaded into the riser.

Again the looks are not cluttered up with large bulky accessories, and the copper finish on these match the finish on the machined idler wheel and "S"cam.

The "S" cam is another innovation that is setting a new standard in user-friendly bows. It is adjustable for draw length in 1/2" increments without the need of a press .To change the draw length you only need to loosen two screws and slide the module to the desired setting. This is a truly great feature when setting up a new bow, as now you can fine-tune your draw length to exactly what is best for this bow without having to get modules, or twist strings. Often we think we have a draw length that is correct for us and live with it, never knowing if a half-inch difference is needed. Now with the "S" cam you can try a small change in minutes with only an Allen key for tools. When winter arrives I am always shortening my draw length at keep the string off my coat sleeve. This usually requires finding the right module, pressing the bow and takes a lot of time, especially if you have to run to a pro shop to buy a module.
{early model cam pictured, later model has 3 screws, one is for the Draw stop and the other two are for draw length.}

The cam is suported on two nylon bushings while the idler wheel is suported on two sealed roler bearings.

{later version "s"cam}

Although the adjustments are simple they can be done wrong, especially when you are in a hurry. I know this from experience. When I received the KO32 it had the first generation "S" cam and I was anxious to try out the new bow along with some friends at the shop. We set up draw lengths from27 to 30" for everyone to test it and also to see how it felt and shot. In my haste I tightened down the screws on the ridge instead of in the valley of the detent. Sometime during the shooting session the Cam module screws slipped off the ridge and now they were loose. When I was waxing the string I noticed that the cam setting had changed and then I found that the module had broken. I called Jed Larson at KODIAK to have a new module shipped and to discuss this problem. It was my fault that the cam module broke as I did not make sure that the screws were in the recesses, however we both felt that this would be something that would happen to others as well.

To my surprise kodiak immediately redesigned the "S"cam eliminating the weak link between the draw stop adjustment and the drawlength part of the module. Kodiak has also put out a separate instruction sheet on how to properly make the adjustments. I have included it here , so just click the notice below to read it.

With the new cam arrived a new string set and cable. I was pleased to see that now all KODIAK BOWS are standard equipped with the "WINNERS CHOICE STRINGS"{click to read the review}. I reviewed WINNERS CHOICE STRINGS last year and was very impressed with them. This is an upgrade that many of us do when we buy a new bow. Winners Choice are a premium custom string that does not stretch or rotate with use.

The riser is pleasant to look at and has ample cutouts to reduce weight. It is machined from a piece of T6061 aluminum, and coated with an appealing camo finish. The grip in made with laminated woods and is well designed as well as beautiful. It fits my hand like it was made especially for me. The multicoloured laminations blend into the camo riser as if it did not exist.

With its smooth draw and ample brace height the KO32 is pleasant and forgiving to shoot. It is lightweight {3.3 lbs}, which is necessary for those of us that walk and carry our bows all day. The short length is going to be appreciated as I can sit on the ground and shoot without having to kneel or stand. This is most useful when in ground blinds.
I shot the KO32 over an extended period of time now and it is a winner. At 30" draw with a loaded string, [two brass nocs, large peep] I was able to chronograph 294 fps with 360-grain arrows at 30" draw length. At 28" draw I am getting 284 fps. This bow is accurate .I have tested it with several rests and sights and have not found a combination that did not group well at ranges out to 65 yards.

I have now set up the KO32 for my wife Pat to shoot and reduced the draw length to 26" for her.
She found the wall a bit to harsh for her liking. I prefer a solid wall with little valley. By adjusting the separate draw stop I was able to increase the valley for her to what she prefers and also this added a bit more letoff, something that she found to be even better. After reducing the draw weight to 55 pounds I let Pat test the KO32.She did not know what weight I had set it at and to my surprise she could shoot it at this weight. Her other bows are all set at 45 pounds which is the most she feels comfortable with. Pat is shooting good groups and has no problem drawing the extra draw weight due to the smooth draw cycle the KO32 has.

The KO32 is a top of the line bow that has a lifetime warranty for the original owner. It handles and shoots well and it is very easy to tune and set up to your specific needs. Although I was able to turn down the draw weight to 55 pounds on the 70-pound limbs I am sure that a set of 60-pound limbs would be more efficient at the lower draw weights. With the 60-pound limbs this would be a great bow for women and youths that do not have the strength to comfortably shoot heavier and longer bows. With the 70-pound limbs that I have it is an excellent mans bow. The KO 32 is highly recommended to anyone that is considering purchasing a new bow. It’s a delight to shoot and a joy to carry. Hopefully if I do my part I will be able to update this review with success photos this fall when I take to the woods again.

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Pete Ward
“Welcome to my outdoor world”


Pete turned the poundage down on the "KO 32" to allow me the chance to shoot it. I am a novice shooter and have not tried many different kinds of bows. It took me a while to get the feel of the single cam, as my bows are camless and double cams. Once I got used to the solid wall I loved it,however when the new cam arrived and Pete added more valley to the draw it was even nicer to shoot. We were able to find the exact draw length I need by adjusting the draw stop to a slightly higher setting.I am not a big person and the short length felt natural to me, it balanced nicely in my hand and I found it very easy to keep level when shooting. I like the adjustable draw length feature as it can easily be changed without the use of a press. I think this bow is a joy to shoot and hope Pete lets me use it again!!


** update october 2003**

Pat took this Doe at 40 yards with the KO32 set at 50# using a 315 grain arrow and a Rocky Premier 75 grain Broadhead , Cobra Sidewinder Sight , Whisker Biscuit Quick Shot rest , Doinker Shorty Stabilizer and a Winn Archery Glove release. I realize the bow is not very visible in the photo but that is a result of the camo on it blending into the background so well.I doubt the doe noticed the bow being drawn back either even though she was looking at Pat when she drew it back.

The season is well underway and as you can see from the photo above Pat has convinced me to let her use the KO32 for the hunting season. This was not in my plans as she has several other bows to use and I fully intended to be shooting this little sweetheart this fall.

After seting up the KO32 with 60# limbs for Pat to use she became suddenly proficent with it on the range, costing me quite a few arrows with Robinhoods.She was shooting so well that I was convinced to turn it over to her so she could have the best oportunity to harvest her first bow kill.It seemed only right to give her a setup that she was confident with , so I began to broadhead tune it with her.This was easily done due to the forgiving nature of the Bow and the excellent accesories that I had installed on it.{whisker biscuit quick shot rest,Cobra sidewinder sight and a Doinker stabilizer}

The tuning was a breeze and in no time we had any broadhead we put on it shooting to the same point out to 30 yards. This varied from 75 grain Rocky Premiers {used to take her first ever Bow Kill} to The big 125 grain Magnus 2 blades.A finicky bow will not handle such a wide range of broadheads like this, but the KO 32 was taking every diferent style and weight in stride.In all we tested 7 diferent styles and weights with each one flying to the same point as the field points.I believe that the main reason for this is a very well engineered bow that is shooter friendly.We have shot countless thousands of arrows with the KO32 and it has not needed any adjustments. The factory suplied WINNERS CHOICE string / cable set is still like new and the servings are not showing any signs of seperation or wear.The limbs ,cams, axles and every other part do not have any wear at all and the bow is in mint condition still after all of this shooting.

It is a real pleasure for both of us to shoot with a great bow and the KO 32 is just that.Every detail is engineered tested and proven.By paying attention to detail Kodiak outdoors has produced a superb bow that is quiet, light weight, acurate, dependable and very shooter friendly all in a package that is as pleasant to shoot as it is to look at.

As I am writing this update I have just hung up the phone from ordering another KO32 for me to use.I have to resign to the fact that getting the KO32 back from my wife will be to big a task to undertake.As the season progresses we will update this and all of the other reviews with our success story's.

Pete Ward
“Welcome to my outdoor world”

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