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The Redi Edge sharpener is a simple but effective sharpener that will put an edge on knives hooks and broadheads in minutes. Its small and efficient and has a convenient nylon sheath for storage.

This little sharpener is equipped with a wet stone handle that allows for honing and touchup of already sharp knives without removing a lot of blade. For those of you that have trouble setting the bevels on a knife blade or broadhead the carbide inserts quickly get the job done, leaving a clean bevel and a razor sharp edge. For the user that still wants a sharper edge the handle wet stone has a flat side for normal honing and a curved side for serrated blades along with a grove for sharpening hooks, darts or needles.

I tested the Redi Edge on some good quality knives that were in need of sharpening. It made clean and precise bevels on all types of knives from Henkles in the kitchen to a Puma White Hunter, and a custom Anza hunting knife made from A mill Bastard File.{see the review on ANZA KNIVES}I also re sharpened some 2 and 3 blade broadheads that were in need of a touch up in a matter of minutes.

We all seem to have a container of replaceable blades or our broadheads that are still in good condition but are lacking in sharpness. This little gem quickly re sharpened a vial of blades that were banished to being shot into targets and gave them a razor edge that is sharper than some factory replacements that I have purchased. As these small blades are hard to hold and sharpen I used a small pair of Vice Grips to hold and draw them thru the carbide cutters.Assembeled Broadheads can be screwed into an arrow and sharpened also. This was a definite savings as replacement blades are often expensive to buy and resharpening the dull ones is difficult at best with other sharpeners. To sum it up this is a good sharpener that is well suited to the outdoorsman’s needs. It will quickly sharpen dull blades without any special skills, and is small and light weight.

I will make a note of caution here that the carbide cutters do remove material and excessive use will wear down a blade prematurely. Used sensibly and with common sense we will probably outlive the knife before its harmed. The wet stone handle is perfect for light touchups and will quickly re-hone an edge many times before resetting the bevels is needed. When a blade is getting dull while field dressing an animal the carbides will instantly fix up your knife without wasting time. This to me is where the Redi Edge serves its most valuable function.

Pete Ward
“Welcome to my outdoor world”

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