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Finally a Camo Face Paint that is hunter friendly and Elk Calls that work without having to have a degree in music.[the call reviews will be printed later after I use them more] I wear glasses and find that head nets are just another nuisance to contend with. They seem to be able to trap moisture and hold it untill you are at full draw on nice animal.

This brought me to try camo face paint as a viable alternative, the search for a good Camo Face Paint has been memorable to say the least. They seem to be made up just to lure us into a false sense of security, I will never forget the look I got when I went into a 7-11 after a hunting trip with a face that belonged on a Halloween mask. That stuff would not come off!!! It took scrubbing till I was raw before I was recognizable again. But I must say it covered well.

The next one wouldn't cover at all and never dried, and ran down into my eyes when I sweated. Still undaunted and determined to find a paint that worked I picked up another brand, It covered well, came off easy but smelled like a fresh box of crayons! Two hours of this and I was feeling quite ill.

I contacted Larry D Jones after watching a few of his videos and noticing that he always wore FACE PAINTS. Surely no man that wore these would be suffering the Tortures I have. Larry wasn’t. I received a set of paints and a couple calls to test shortly after contacting Larry. I will admit that the first test on the new paints was the smell test! IT PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS. Next was to see how it covered, and this test was not to tried anywhere but on my hands for the first time. Again I was delighted at the results, these easily covered the skin and best of all they were removable. Finally the moment of truth and I painted my face.

This was the last week of August and the day was hot, I made a stalk over a hillside after an Elk that had no intention of being carried up that hill. After a calling session and no response It was time to climb back up. Sweat was pouring from my face as I made the climb back to the truck. When I got back I was delighted to find the Face Paint still intact. I was able to pat the sweat from my face and not have it messed up .I wore this all day and in the evening I was able to wipe it off with a paper to well. This is a great product.

Finally I have found the all round paints that "ARE EASY TO APPLY","DON'T STINK" "STAY ON" "COVER WELL" AND "REMOVE EASILY WHEN YOU WANT THEM OFF"

LARRY D JONES face paints are the best that I have tried and I highly recommend them. I would like to see them sold in a kit with a mirror, however the main concern is with usability and here they are the best.
Pete Ward
“Welcome to my outdoor world”

Copyright © 2002 PETER WARD

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