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House knives are the new kid on the block and they will be noticed. Nathan House sent me a knife to review this year after a few discussions we had. I told Nathan that if he made "Rambo" knives not to bother, but he assured me his hand made Knives were built for hunting.

The model I received is made with D2 stainless tool steel, hardened to Rockwell 60 with a hand rubbed satin finish. The blade is full tang, 5/32" thick 3 5/8" long with an overall length of 8 3/4". It arriver as sharp as any knife I have used. It was surgically sharp. The handle fits my hand comfortably, and securely. This knife is heavy and built to do some hard work with finesse. The blade style is functional without being to long to control. The sheath is made from molded leather and securely holds the knife on your belt.

When it comes to knives I am fussy. I expect a lot from them, yet I do not abuse a knife. Before a knife ever makes it into my pack it must be comfortable to hold, well balanced extremely sharp and just "feel good" to me. The House was an instant winner in all of the above.

On August 30 this year I was able to take a moose just before dark. The bugs were bad and it was going to be a long night. By the time I was ready to start field dressing it was dark and I had to chose a good knife for the job. My old favorite was left in the pack and I started to work with the House. Moose hair will dull any knife, and the job I was about to do would be the ultimate test. If it did not perform it would be into the pack and on the shelf in a flash. I opened the moose with ease and began to clean it out. Several times my wife Pat who was helping me asked if I needed a sharp knife yet, and the answer was always no. It was holding an edge like a razor after cutting about 6 feet of hide and hair.

With the field dressing complete I had to skin the beast to get it ready for packing. A moose is a lot of skinning and this alone will dull up most knives but the house was slicing thru the sinew like it had just been sharpened so I kept going. by the time it was skinned I had cut about 8 more feet of hide and hair along the legs and cut thru many square feet of sinew as well as cutting off the head with the same knife I started with. All this without ever needing to touch up the blade.! I had a set of commercial boning knives with me but I decided to continue with the HOUSE to see just how well it would do.

I removed the hinds and sirloins from the back in two pieces, disjointing the hip socket and boning out the sirloin’s. Now I removed the front legs, next I boned out the back straps , Ribcage and neck. By know the House had been run over lots of bone and cut thru many feet of hide and hair as well as muscles. It was still sharp! The final task was to disjoint the legs from the knee joints and this was done with ease also. With the main work over I cut out the tenderloins and put the House back in its sheath.

During the whole operation I did not have to touch up the blade at all, or switch to new sharp knife. I will not work with a dull knife, or even slightly dull. I carry sharpeners and extra knives with me so I don't have to. A dull knife is prone to slipping and I don't need to cut myself miles from nowhere. I did not use the House to cut thru the brisket or pelvis, although I am sure I could have. I always carry a folding saw for this task. It does the job safer and faster than a knife can.

I washed up the House and we continued hunting with it. The next animal we used it on was a whitetail buck I arrowed, followed by a big doe my wife shot.

Both of these deer were field dressed and skinned with the same knife that had been used on the moose, and it still had not been sharpened. It was sharper than many knives ever start out. The season ended and we did not have another animal to dress so the testing has ended.

To say the House knife is good would be a gross understatement. One moose and two deer without loosing its edge is impressive have since touched up the edge with a ceramic stick and it is like new again. This knife not only holds it's edge it is very comfortable to work with. The grip fits and does not get slippery when covered in blood. The blade length is near perfect for all fieldwork. Next year it will be placed in my pack for the season as my primary knife.

The only change I would like to see is a hole drilled in the handle for a leather lace to be looped thru from the sheath. This would make loosing it an impossibility. All hunting knives should have this style of sheath if they do not have a sheath that completely enclose the knife.

Nathan House can be contacted by telephone or by email for more information on the other models he builds, or to arrange a truly custom model that you want. His workmanship is flawless, and the materials he uses are of the finest quality. I highly recommend "Nathan House Knives".

Pete Ward
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