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Herbs leatherworks and traditional archery supply is making some of the nicest Quivers and arm guards that I have seen. They are all hand made with quality hides and fasteners. Along with lacing they are also stitched for added strength. The quiver that I received from Herb is very well made and completely functional. It has wool shearling lining the top opening and as padding in the bottom to protect your Broadheads. This quiver fits a large width belt and the easy snap belt loop is long enough to hold it in place at a good angle for easy arrow removal. The belt loop can be slipped around your belt without having to remove it from your pants, a great convenience. The shearling around the top prevents any unwanted noise from arrows retiling around a hard rim like some other quivers have. The side quiver that I have been testing is very well made and should easily outlast any archer. It quietly holds your arrows and stays at a good angle for easy retrieval of arrows.It lays flat in my case so storage is easy.
The arm guard that I received is made from flexible leather and has large eyelets for easy fastening of the elastic bungies. The guard fits smaller wrists and forearms as seen on the photos of my wife and still easily provides good protection for larger arms like mine.It is a very comeforatable and adjustable guard that will last for many years.

I do not hesitate to recomend Herb's leatherworks to any archers that are looking for quality hand Made archery accesories. the Quiver and Arm Guard that I tested are Very well made with good quality materials.Visit herbs site and see what else he is making, If you have a special request he will try to acomodate you.

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