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Models tested {2 3/4"CHUBBY HUNTER}{4"SHORTY HUNTER}{7" HUNTER} I have received 3 DOINKER stabilizers to test from Bill Leven , owner of Leven Industries in California. The models reviewed here are the 2 ¾”, 6.3 ounce “CHUBBY HUNTER”, The 4”,6.5 ounce” SHORTY HUNTER”, and the 7”, 9 ounce “HUNTER”. All models are flat black finish. This selection represents a small portion of the stabilizers that DOINKER produces.

Each of the models tested had some common features. They all were small and neat in appearance and finish. Each one is equipped with the “DOINKER” rubber mount that absorbs vibration and sound generated by your bow .

The rubber encased mounts are soft and quite flexible when handled, immediately giving the impression that these are not just another stabilizer. They all are in fact a very effective silencing stabilizer. While at the local range testing these stabilizers I was able to enlist the assistance of the owner, Bob Stewart and a few of the “Alberta Bucks” staff Greg, Chad and Dano. The stabilizers were shot on three different bows. The “CHUBBY” was the choice for my own setup as I have a custom extended grip and prefer a short and relatively light stabilizer. This one was just the ticket for me. It provided all the weight foreword that I require and best of all it was very effective in taming the sound and vibration generated when I released arrows at 308 FPS. This stabilizer may be small but it is very effective .

Bob chose to try out the “SHORTY” on his bow. The 4” length was shorter than what he is used to and he quickly developed a liking for this one. Again the balance seemed right and his bow definitely lost a few decibels when fired, not that it was loud to begin with, but it was noticeably quieter.

Chad had the misfortune to have his old solid stabilizer break off at the riser so he was enlisted to become part of this review. Given a choice, he decided that the “HUNTER” would be his new stabilizer for the day. Chad instantly noticed a difference in the sound of his bow and liked the change. It was much quieter than before, while providing the balance that felt right to him.

After the shooting stopped we all sat down to discuss the “Doinker” effectiveness. We all agreed that these stabilizers with their neat little Rubber “DOINKER” isolators were effective in quietining our bows and in absorbing vibrations. To have 5 bowhunters agree on anything is often difficult but this time we all agreed that these were effective sound suppressant stabilizers.

“Doinker” is a manufacturer of good quality stabilizers and the models tested were all better than expected in quietining our bows. I can honestly recommend the Doinker models tested as quality sound suppressing stabilizers that shot well and reduced vibrations.

Pete Ward
“Welcome to my outdoor world”

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