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When I received the CRESCENT MOON SNOWSHOES to test spring was well underway and the Geese had returned to Alberta.This review is a preliminary review that will be updated when the snow covers the ground this fall.

Walking in the 17"s was very effortless.As you took strides there was no need to spread your legs in order to keep from triping.They rode up onto the snow effortlessly and as I took a step I could see that when the leg is lifted to walk they hung with the tail down making it easy to keep on top of the snow. The frame is made from light weight aluminum tubind and the platform is a TGS solid reinforced vynal type material that allows the snow to slip off as you walk.There was no need to try and shake off a buildup of snow as the 17's cleaned themselves on each stride.

The Gold series 17 epidition shoes that I received to test were made with carefull attention to detail,and workmanship.The bindings are quick and easy to slip into and hold your feet securly in place.They have a set of stainless steel claws that will not let you slip in any direction.Every rivet was seated properly and the platforms were positioned equally well.

As it was past the end of the season my testing was very limited this year.I will however be wearing the 17's hunting next fall when the snow begins to fly again.At that time I will have an oportunity to put the crescent moon's to the test of what Alberta winter can set upon us.I will do an update at this time and let you know how they are on extended trips carying heavy packs in very cold weather.From what I have been able to see so far the 17's will be a great snowshoe , but untill I have the oportunity to fully evaluate them I will leave you with my initial findings, until I can complete the testing process.

Pete Ward
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